MINUTES: Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: January 19, 2007

TIME AND PLACE: 1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, Rutgers Student Center, 126 College Avenue, College Avenue Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Allen, Allender, Amirahmadi, Atmeh, Barone, Bhuyan, Blimling, Bodnar, Boikess, Borisovets, Bosotov, Bravo, Bubb, Busia, Bynes, Caprio, Carbone, Carey, Chabal, Cohick, Coit, Colaizzi, Cooke, Copeland, Cotter, Cowen, Curtis, DeLisi, E. Dennis, Diner, Dixon-McInerney, Dutta, Edwards, Eldreth, Finegold, Fowler, Furmanski, Galili, Gigliotti, Gillett, Gimenez, Goodman, Gould, Grant, Guo, Heckscher, Hughes, Hyman, Jackson, Johnson, Kalelkar, Keating, Kokini, Koza, Krenos, Laguna-Diaz, Larmony, Lashley, Leath, Levitsky, Lipman, Lippert, Livingston, Maher, Markert, Markowitz, Mauroff, McCabe, McCormick, McCoy-Carter, McKay, McKeever, Messer, W. Meyer, Miller, Mulcahy, Nayyar, Ng, Niederman, Nolfi, Norville, Obayashi, Olsson, Oppenheim, Panayotatos, Patel, Quayson, Samuel Rabinowitz, Sidney Rabinowitz, Rankin, Rivera, Robinson, Rockland, Rold, Schantz, Schorr, Schwab, Scott, Shah, P. Simmons, Soyosa, Spiegel, Spotacco, St. John, Staples, Stauffer, Stein, Sukhdeo, Szatrowski, Tevis, Thompson, Tittler, Toney-Boss, Traxler, Venzie, Vera, Vodak, Wagner, Wallace, Wang, Whitfield, Winterbauer, Wright, Wyhopen

EXCUSED:  Alger, Bernstein, Boylan, Coppolo, Creese, Dienst, Friedrich, Gaunt, Gonzalez-Palmer, Greenhut, Gunderson, Hart, Kern, Klein, Lehne, Lewis, Marchetta, J. Meyer, Oren, Ozbay, Palmon, Pittman, Puniello, Reiss, Schaich, Schein, R. Simmons, Taulane, Van Til, Williams

ABSENT:  Adelman, Ally, Alonso, Ambar, Apfel, Barbarese, Bay, Bellany, Bosch, Cole, Covey, DeLuca, R. Dennis, Deutsch, Duncan, Habib, Hall, Holzer, Hyndman, Jozefczyk, Kennedy, Kirschner, Marsh, Pedersen, Quinn, Schock, Simon, Sofer, Solomon, Sonariwo, Urbaniak

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY: Faculty:  Of 83 total:  54 present (65%), 19 excused (23%), 10 absent (12%)
Students:  Of 51 total: 35 present (69%), 5 excused (10%), 11 absent (21%)
Administrators:  Of 35 total: 20 present (57%), 5 excused (14%), 10 absent (29%)
Alumni:  Of 6 total:  5 present (83%), 1 excused (17%), 0 absent
Staff:  Of 10 total:  10 present (100%), 0 excused, 0 absent

View Senate Attendance Record for this year.

PRESIDING OFFICER: Martha Cotter, Chairperson


Chairperson Cotter called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. She welcomed everyone to the meeting, and wished all a prosperous 2007 and rewarding and productive spring semester. Her chairperson's report included comments on:

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY - Kenneth Swalagin, Executive Secretary

NEW BRUNSWICK CAMPUS REPORT - Philip Furmanski, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Philip Furmanski presented the New Brunswick Campus Report, which included comments on:

Follow this link to a Rutgers Focus article on EVP Furmanski's report.


University Structure and Governance Committee - Gary Gigliotti, Chair

Partial Response to Charge S-0603, Distribution and Election of Student Senators in New Brunswick

University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC) Chair Gary Gigliotti summarized his committee's report and recommendations submitted in partial response to Charge S-0603, on distribution and election of student Senators in New Brunswick. The committee had been charged as follows:

Original Charge (to which today's report is a partial response only): Senate Membership-New Brunswick: Make recommendations for revision of the Senate membership and bylaws in light of the restructuring of the New Brunswick schools and colleges.
Because the recommendation proposes Senate Bylaws changes, it was introduced at this meeting, but will not be acted on by the Senate until the February 16, 2007 Senate meeting. Gigliotti noted that the mechanism by which the School of Arts and Sciences students will be elected had not yet been specified, but that he expected additional information from student representatives before the USGC's next meeting. He pointed out that the USGC is recommending that this issue be reexamined after it has been in effect for two years.

Student Affairs Committee - Valerie Johnson and Kimberly Mauroff, Co-chairs

Report and Recommendations in Response to Charge S-0606, Targum

Student Affairs Committee Co-chair Valerie Johnson summarized her committee's response to Charge S-0606, on the Targum. The committee had been charged as follows:

Original Charge: Targum: Assess whether Rutgers Newark and New Brunswick students believe Targum provides a quality newspaper which serves their academic needs efficiently and effectively, and whether Targum's current optional yearly fee is appropriate relative to Targum's value. In formulating its report, the SAC should consider Targum's Concept Plan, and should consult, both within and outside of its meetings, students from Rutgers' Newark and New Brunswick campuses. Targum should also be invited to send a representative from its staff and/or board to attend a SAC meeting at which this issue will be discussed.
The report had been presented for the Senate's information only. There was no vote or other formal action on the report or its recommendations.


There was no old business


There was no new business.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT - Samuel Rabinowitz, Vice Chairperson

Senate Vice Chair Rabinowitz report on the Executive Committee's January 5, 2007 meeting.


Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors Paul Leath reported on the December 8, 2006 Board of Governors meeting. Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees Mark Vodak reported on the December 13, 2006 Board of Trustees meeting.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT - President Richard L. McCormick

President McCormick joined the meeting at 2:28 p.m. He apologized for his lateness. He did not make an administrative report, but offered to respond to any questions from the Senate. There were no questions.


Chairperson Cotter read to the Senate a Report from the Newark Faculty Council on its recent activities and future plans.

New Brunswick Faculty Council (NBFC) Chair Jozef Kokini reported on the NBFC's meetings, activities, and plans


The meeting adjourned at 2:37 p.m.

Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate