MINUTES: Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: January 19, 2018

TIME AND PLACE: 1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, College Avenue Student Center, New Brunswick Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ahmed, Alizadeh, Barchi, Bekdash, Bhatnagar, Bhuyan, Boikess, Bora, Borisovets, Boruchoff, Bradley, Bridgeman, Chayko, Chulak, Collins, Craig, Cummings, Dana, Dane, Dasari, DeFilippis, Dettloff, DiVito, Eisenstein, Emmons, Esposito, Fagan, Fellenz, Field, Filippelli, Fitzgerald-Bocarsly, Fox, Ghate, Ghesani, Gillett, Goh, Goldfarb, Gould, Graber, Greenberg, Hartman, Heckscher, Ivanovski, Joergensen, A. Johnson, Joseph, Junboonta, Kabia, Kasichainula, Keddis, Kelly, Kettle, Khattab, Krapivin, Langer, LaPointe, Lasala, B. Lee, Lindboe, Linz, LoGrippo, Lulla, Lutz, Maloney, Mammis, Marchetta, Markert, Masiello, Matto, McKeever, K. Murphy,Nash, Nitzsche, Norville, O'Brassill-Kulfan, Oleske, Oliver, O'Neill, Owens, Padgett, Pandey, Pantazis, Pappas, Parsa, M. Patel, Shivane Patel, Patrick, Phadke, Pichugin, Pintar, Ponzio, K. Powell, Pradhan, Rabinowitz, Resnick, Rivera, Ross, Rothpletz-Puglia, Salazar, Saltzman, Sanchez, Schwartz, Serrano, Settimo, Shah, Shapses, Shinbrot, Spiegel, Steinberg, Szatrowski, Tharney, Thompson, Thomson, Toney-Boss, Tracey, Wilde, Winkler, Ziessler

EXCUSED:  Ardeshna, Booth, Bugel, Burley, Civile, D'Anna, Denham-Barrett, Dreyer, Eaton, Gross, Honeycutt, Kane, Kustka, Langsam, Leavy, Levy, Manyaga, Miller, Patton, Puhak, Samant, Schneider, Settles, Sheflin, Shinn, Siddiqui, Soto, Strom, Takhistov, Zurlo

ABSENT:   Abayhan, Alidou, Artun, Balaguru, Barbarese, Barone, Battle-Brown, Blanchett, Brunson, Bubb, Butterfield, Cahill, Cantor,  Chen, Coiro, Conway, Covington, Deshpande, Dixon, Drachtman, Dutta, Eastman, Eng, Farmbry, Farris, Feldman, Fletcher, Gabriel, Ganesh, Gonzalez, Goodman, Gower, Haddon, Halkitis, Hatefi, Hernandez, Holzemer, Iannini, R. Johnson, Kothari, Kukor, C. Lee, Lei, Lewis, Lindenmeyer, Lugg, Mahon, March, Marchick, Mazurek, Minsky, Molello, Moran, B. Murphy, Novelli, Pagan, Pardlo, A. Patel, Suja Patel, Petrucci, C. Potter, J. Potter, V. Powell, Roberts, Robinson, Schiavo, Scoloveno, Sen, Sheridan, Stauffer, Tasneem, Thomas, Tsakalakos, Van Ryzin, Van Stine, Walters, Warburton

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY: Faculty: Of 109 total: 70 present (64%), 17 excused (15.5%), 22 absent (20%); Students: Of 50 total: 26 present (52%), 7 excused (14%), 17 absent (34%); Administrators: Of 41 total: 5 present (12%), 2 excused (5%), 34 absent (83%); Staff: Of 18 total: 12 present (66%), 2 excused (11%), 4 absent (22%); Alumni: Of 6 total: 5 present (83%), 1 excused (17%), 0 absent (0%)
View Senate Attendance Record for this academic year

PRESIDING OFFICER: Peter Gillett, Chair

- Peter Gillett, Chair

Senate Chair Peter Gillett called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of the College Avenue Student Center, College Avenue Campus, New Brunswick. He said that a death in Chancellor Strom's family made him unable to attend the meeting, or to present his RBHS Chancellor's Report, but that President Barchi would present an Administrative Report. He also said that this would be the fourth time the Senate meeting would be webstreamed..

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY - Ken Swalagin, Executive Secretary

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT - Robert Barchi, University President

University President Robert Barchi presented an Administrative Report, which included comments on subjects including:
Barchi then responded to questions, or heard comments, on the above topics, as well as:

Budget and Finance Committee (BFC) Annual Report on the Rutgers University Budget - Menahem Spiegel, BFC Chair, and Charles Heckscher, BFC Member

BFC Chair Menahem Spiegel, and BFC Member Charles Heckscher presented the BFC's Annual Report on the University Budget.

Student Affairs Committee (SAC) Response to Charge S-1702 on Increasing Student Voter Turnout in Federal, State, and Local Elections - Viktor Krapivin and Samuel Rabinowitz, SAC Co-Chairs

SAC Co-chair Viktor Krapivin presented the SAC's response to Charge S-1702 on increasing student voter turnout in federal, state, and local elections, and read and moved the incorporated resolution. Ann Gould's motion to remove Resolution Section B ("B. The University Senate urges the Rutgers University Office of State Government Affairs to advocate for automatic voter registration in New Jersey,") was seconded, discussed, and adopted. Section C then became the new Section B. Ted Szatrowski's motion to remove Section A.13 was seconded, discussed, and defeated after the question was called. Matthew Winkler's motion to amend Section A.13 to include a parenthetical statement of specific examples ("voting and family emergencies") was seconded, discussed, and adopted. The full resolution, as amended, was then adopted unanimously by the Senate.


Executive Secretary Swalagin's Retirement: Gillett moved that the following resolution recognizing Ken Swalagin's retirement from Rutgers be added to the agenda as new business:

Whereas Kenneth W. Swalagin currently holds the office of Executive Secretary of the Rutgers University Senate; and

whereas he has served with distinction in this office for 21 years; and

whereas over the course of these years he has consistently provided thoughtful guidance and leadership to senators, to senate chairs, to the Executive Committee, to the other standing committees of the senate, and to the university; and

whereas he has made invaluable contributions to the promotion of shared governance at Rutgers in many and various ways

Therefore be it resolved

that The Rutgers University Senate expresses its sincere gratitude and appreciation to Ken, and extends to him its best wishes for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling retirement.

The resolution was added to the agenda, and thereafter adopted by acclamation. Swalagin was presented with a commemorative, engraved clock and plaque. He then made the following statement:

Forty years at Rutgers, and 21 as Senate Secretary, so I have a lot of thanking to do. Thanks:

To Rutgers, for the degrees, the salary, and the benefits, and the opportunity to work for them;

To RCM for changing the way the Senate is funded, and hopefully making possible some communication and technology improvements that weren’t possible for the Senate in the past;

To the administration, and in particular Barbara Lee and Roberta Leslie, for the level of communication and responsiveness the Senate now has;

To the Senators who are here today, and all those who participate regularly. You are the true heart and soul of the Senate. I hope you realize how important what you do really is.;

To the Senate’s committee chairs, who work for little or no reward other than knowing they’re making Rutgers a better institution;

To Linda and Mary Mickelsen, who assisted me as Senate Secretary over the past two decades;

To the many and all people at Rutgers, both here and gone, who have shown me kindness, acceptance, cooperation and appreciation over these 40 years;

Finally, and especially, thanks to two colleagues whose support, guidance, and friendship is so important to me, my two best, favorite lunch buddies: Ann Gould and Jon Oliver.

It’s been great. Thanks, and good luck.

SENATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT: Senate Vice Chair Jon Oliver reported that the scheduled January 5, 2018 Executive Committee meeting had been canceled due to weather conditions and anticipated absences.

REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES: Samuel Rabinowitz, Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors, reported on the December 7, 2017 Board of Governors meeting. Robert Schwartz, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees, reported that the Board of Trustees had not met since the previous Senate meeting.

REPORTS OF CAMPUS FACULTY AND STUDENT LIAISONS: Newark Faculty Senator Member Joseph Markert report on recent plans and activities of the Newark Faculty Council. Faculty Senator Sanjib Bhuyan, Chair of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, reported on plans and recent activities of that group. New Brunswick Student Senator Viktor Krapivin reported that RUSA had met for the first time this semester the previous day. Faculty Senator Patricia Bocarsly, Former Chair of the RBHS Faculty Council, reported on plans and recent activities of that group, including election of officers, and continuing work on the Council's website.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 3:36 p.m.

Minutes Written and Submitted by,
Ken Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate