MINUTES: Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: February 25, 2011

TIME AND PLACE: 1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room East 232, Paul Robeson Campus Center, Newark Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT: Akincigil, Atkins, Ayres, Barnett, Barraco, Bhuyan, Binetti, Blumental, Boikess, Borisovets, Boylan, Brennan, Bubb, Buchholtz, Canavan, Cooper, Cotter, Creese, DiVito, Dougherty, Dutta, Fehn, Figueira, Fishbein, Gaunt, Gillett, Gomes, Goodman, Gould, Grant, Greenhut, Gunkel, Guo, Gurfinkiel, Heckscher, Jasey, Jimenez, Kolasis, Le, Leath, Lewis, Lynch, Maheta, Marsh, McCormick, McKay, McKeever, McLean, M. Miller, Mojaddedi, Muse, Narayan, Norville, Nycz, O'Connor, Oza, Panayotatos, Pirrello, Potenza, Pritchett, Puhak, Rabinowitz, Rosario, Samarakone, Schorr, Shapiro, Sheflin, Simmons, Sandeep Singh, Saurabh Singh, Smith, Spasojevic, Spellmeyer, Spiegel, Swartley-McArdle, Szatrowski, Tancs, F. Thompson, Vodak, Watson, White, Wilson, Winterbauer, Wyhopen, Zaki, Zimmerman

EXCUSED: Beachem, Bhanot, Breslaw, Cachel, Caprio, Clarke, Clear, Cosandey, David, DeLisi, Dighton, Diner, Ellis, Gao, Grillo, Gursoy, Hill, Hmelo-Silver, Hoffman, Iraninejad, Janes, Jerone-DeMilia, Kukor, Lawton, Levine, Leyva, Li, Loftus, Markowitz, Mazurek, Minsky, Molloy, Patel, Perrone, H. Roth, Sabo, Sanchez, Schnetzer, Stein, Stillwagon, K. Thompson, Toney-Boss, Tu, Wagner, Winkler, Wu, Yeagle, Yu

ABSENT: Abercrombie, Amirahmadi, Aspray, Barone, Bittner, Bodnar, Bruno, Buch, Czaplicki, Edwards, Farmer, Farris, Fensterheim, Finegold, Foglio, Furmanski, Gabriel, Ganesh, Garcia, Greenberg, Hanebrink, Helgeson, Herbert, Holzemer, Holzer, Hudson, Hughes, Hyndman, Kalelkar, Katz, Kheiralla, Lee, Lerner, Levinson, LoBalbo, MacLennan, Maher, Mann, Markert, Messer, J. Miller, Milliman, Morrisette, Murphy, Muslah, Nayyar, Niederman, Pero, Pinchuk, Prowse, G. Roth, Sahi, Salvino, Schantz, Schement, Scher, Schrire, Shafer, Jaskamal Singh, Solomon, Spath, Stauffer, Szczesna, Violette, Wang, Weinstein, Won, Woolcott, Yoon

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY: Faculty: Of 95 total: 51 present (54%), 22 excused (23%), 22 absent (23%); Students: Of 54 total: 16 present (30%), 11 excused (20%), 27 absent (50%); Administrators: Of 35 total: 10 present (28%), 8 excused (23%), 17 absent (49%); Alumni: Of 6 total: 4 present (68%), 1 excused (16%, 1 absent (16%); Staff: Of 13 total: 5 present (39%), 6 excused (46%), 2 absent (15%)

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PRESIDING OFFICER: Paul Panayotatos, Chairperson


Chairperson Panayotatos called the meeting to order at 1:17 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room East 232, Paul Robeson Campus Center, Newark Campus. His chairperson's report included comments on:
SECRETARY'S REPORT - Ken Swalagin, Executive Secretary

Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee (FPAC) Response to Charge S-1007, on Academic Promotion/Reappointment Form 1A - Ann Gould and Paul Panayotatos, Co-chairs  [Note: The above link goes to the report as presented to the Senate. Follow this link to read the Report as amended and adopted by the Senate.]
FPAC Co-chair Ann Gould was joined at the podium by Senator Leslie Fishbein, an FPAC member who raised the issue on which the charge and report were based, and who, along with Gould, worked extensively on the report and related research. Fishbein summarized the background of the issue, and the process of finalizing the FPAC report and its recommendations on Charge S-1007, on Academic Promotion/Reappointment Form 1A. Gould continued the summary and presentation, and read a brief resolution appended to the report which formalized the Senate endorsement of the report and its recommendations, and urged the administration to implement those recommendations. Senator Leath moved that the Senate be charged with reviewing this matter within two years. Senator Szatrowski moved to amend the motion to call for review within 18 months. Both amendment calling for Senate review in 18 months was accepted as friendly by the FPAC. The report and its recommendations, as amended, were then adopted by the Senate on card vote.

University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC) Response to Charge S-0915 on Conduct of Staff Senator Elections - Peter Gillett, Chair  [Note: The above link goes to the report as presented to the Senate. Follow this link to read the Report as amended and adopted by the Senate.]
USGC Chair Peter Gillett summarized his committee's report and recommendations on Charge S-0915, on Conduct of Staff Senator Elections. Senator Fishbein moved addition of Portuguese as an additional language in which the election notices described in the report's recommendations should be distributed. The FPAC accepted the motion as friendly. Senator DiVito moved to delete "Staff member of" in the first clause of the resolution, so that the sentence would read, "Results need to be tabulated and returned to the Executive Secretary of the Seante no later than April 1 each year, so that the Senate Nominating Panel can consider all eligible staff Senators when making nominations for [deleted: Staff Member of] the Senate Executive Committee. The FPAC accepted the motion as friendly. The report and its recommendations were then adopted unanimously by the Senate on card vote.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT - President Richard L. McCormick

President McCormick presented an administrative report, which included comments on topics including:
President McCormick then responded to a question about past and expected levels of research funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

OLD BUSINESS: There was no old business.

NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT: Vice Chairperson Ann Gould reported on the February 11, 2011 Senate Executive Committee meeting.

REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES: Senators Panayotatos and Cotter, Faculty Representatives to the Board of Governors, reported on the December 14, 2010 and February 8, 2011 Board of Governors meetings, respectively. President McCormick commented on the issue of possible Board of Governors violation of the Open Public Records Act, which had been the subject of comments by both Panayotatos and Cotter. Senator Swartley-McArdle, Graduate Student Representative to the Board of Trustees, said that the Board of Trustees had likewise not met since the previous Senate meeting, but was scheduled to meet next on March 31. 

 Senator McKeever, chair of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, reported on recent activities of that group.  There were no reports from Camden or Newark faculty liaisons.


Shared Governance Issues: A committee-of-the-whole discussion on shared governance issues and the proposal for a new school of nursing on the Camden Campus had been docketed for the end of the meeting. Senator Gillett moved the Senate to committee of the whole. The motion was seconded by Senator Binetti, and the Senate adopted the motion. Although the intent was to discuss governance issues as well as the Camden nursing proposal, comments made during the ensuing discussion focused only on the nursing proposal, on subjects including:
On motion, the Senate rose from committee of the whole, and followed that motion with a motion to adjourn.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 3:19 p.m.

Minutes Written and Submitted by:
Ken Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate