MINUTES Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE:   March 26, 2004

TIME AND PLACE:   1:10 p.m., Trayes Hall B, Douglass Campus Center, 100 George Street,  New Brunswick

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ambar, Atwood, Baruh, Bathory, Bellino, Blakeman, Blasi, Bodnar, Boikess, Borisovets, Boylan, Brazier, Bronzan, Bry, Bucko, Caprio, Cohen, Colaizzi, Cotter, Crown, Curry, Darien, Dayal, DeLisi, E. Dennis, Dess, Dholandas, Diner, Domb, Doshi, Erlichson, Evans, Ezgilioglu, Feinberg, Foley, Forman, Friedrich, Furmanski, Gallinar, Gaunt, Gillett, Glass, Goldin, Gould, Greenhut, Guo, Hamilton, Hawkesworth, Herrera, Hodgson, Hornichter, Hughes, Hyndman, Innerfield, Jackson, Jessen, J. Jones, R. Jones, Karel, Kirschner, Kokini, Krucher, LaSala, Leath, Maradonna, Markowitz, Maudlin, McCormick, McKay, McKeever, Messer, Mian, Nedick, Norville, Novell, O’Connor, Oren, Panayotatos, Parks, Potenza, Puniello, Rabii, Rabinowitz, Redd, Reed, Roden, Roselle, Schaich, Scott, Sifuentes-Jauregui, P. Simmons, R. Simmons, H. Smith, N. Smith, D. Snyder, Sofer, Spero, Stark, Szatrowski, Taghon, Thompson, Tuckman, Turpin, Vodak, Wang, Webb, Whang, Winterbauer

EXCUSED:  Advani, Axelrod, Banerjee, Barone, R. Bell, Chambers, K. Cooper, Cronk, Fishbein, Flanagan, Hall, Hirsh, Kauffman, Kennedy, Kirby, Kressel, Laguna-Diaz, Lake, Lee, Leontiades, Patel, Plummer, Rijhsinghani, Rubin, Schock, Sears, Tandon, Weis, Worrall, Zaborszky

ABSENT:  Abbasi, Agha, C. Bell, Breton, Brodie, Butler, Calla, Cannon, Case, A. Cooper, Dadlani, Davidson, R. Dennis, Deutsch, Driscoll, Fenster, Gillis, Griffiths, Hallmark, Hara, Hull, Kavanagh, Keoskey, Klein, Lanza, Lashley, Leustek, Lichtenfeld, Manhoff, Markey, Marsh, Mensah, Naqvi, Nerurkar, Ocone, Pandya, Pieczenik, Segers, Solomon, Stauffer, Szerlip, Tsurumi, Wadud, Weiman, Zylstra

ATTENDANCE  SUMMARY:  Faculty:  Of  90 total:  55 present (61%), 20 excused (22%) 15 absent (17%); Students:  Of  48 total:  26 present (54 %), 4 excused (8%), 18 absent (38%); Administrators:  Of 39 total:  23 present (59%), 5 excused (13%), 11 absent (28%); Alumni:  Of 6 total:  4 present (67%), 2 absent (33%)
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NON-VOTING MEMBERS ABSENT:  Boyer, Sambolin, Wright

PRESIDING OFFICER:  Paul Panayotatos, Chairperson

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT:  Chairperson Panayotatos called the meeting to order, summarized the activities of Senate Nominating Panel, indicated that Senator O’Connor is chairing the Nominating Panel, and then introduced the Secretary’s Report.


Agenda:  The agenda was approved as distributed by the Secretary.

Minutes:  On motion and duly seconded, the Minutes of the February 20, 2004 Senate meeting were approved as distributed by the Secretary.

Communications:  The following communications were presented by the Secretary:

  • Letters from President McCormick acknowledging Senate action, reports and/or advice:
  • Received from Senator Bell, request for inclusion of AAUP Resolutions and Vision Statement in Senate communications
  • Call for Nominations for April 2004 Election of Officers
  • ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT:  President McCormick delivered the administrative report, which included  comments on: Following the report, President McCormick responded to questions regarding crime and on-campus housing security, and a large number of questions and comments related to faculty contract negotiations.


    Chairperson Panayotatos called upon Vice Chair Rabinowitz to assume the chair while he and Senator Gould presented their committee’s report and recommendations on Charge S-0309, Evaluation of Administrators, Review.  Vice Chair Rabinowitz assumed the chair.  The Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee (FAPC) had been charged as follows:  “Evaluate the current procedures for faculty staff and student evaluation of deans after the completion of two cycles of evaluation.  Recommend changes where appropriate, and examine the feasibility of extending the process to include vice presidents and other administrators.”  Senators Nicole Smith and Holly Smith proposed several amendments to the report, which were discussed.  During considerable discussion of the proposed amendments, several were accepted as friendly, and some others were defeated on card votes by the Senate.  Senator Nedick, noting the significant changes resulting from the amendments, moved that the report be returned to committee for revision and resubmission to the Senate.  The motion was seconded, but failed on card vote.  Senator Nicole Smith’s motion to add “or students” after each occurrence of “faculty” in the report was discussed, and defeated, as was another of her motions to amend the language of the report.  Senators Hyndman and Gillett moved amendments which were accepted as friendly.  FAPC Co-chair Panayotatos then read the report’s resolution, adding “as amended” where appropriate.  On card vote, the Senate approved the resolution, as follows: Senator Borisovets, chair of the Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee, summarized her committee’s report, which included revised recommendations, on Charge S-0303, Winter Session Review.  The committee had been charged as follows:  “Review the status of recommendations made regarding Winter Session, pursuant to the Instruction, Curricula and Advising (then Educational Policy and Planning) Committee report approved by the University Senate on October 27, 2000.”  Following brief discussion, the report was approved unanimously by the Senate on card vote, as presented by the committee. Senator Novell, co-chair of the Student Affairs Committee, summarized her committee’s report on Charge A-0315, Knight Express Card Committee Report Review.  In response to a request by the Vice President for Student Affairs, the committee had been charged as follows:  “Review and comment on the Knight Express Card Committee Report.”  The report was approved unanimously by the Senate on card vote, as presented by the committee, and including the following recommendations regarding Knight Express Card services: Route 18 Widening Committee (Not a Senate Committee) - Paul Leath, Committee Chair
    Senator Paul Leath, who chairs the University’s Route 18 Widening Committee, presented an overview and summary of the construction plans and timetable for the multi-year Route 18 widening and reconstruction project.  He also summarized discussions and preliminary plans for associated, temporary changes to class schedules, student services, and other elements of life at Rutgers which will be affected by the construction project.  Senator Leath noted that a project website is available at, and solicited suggestions on minimizing the disruptive effects of the projects on Rutgers, which should be e-mailed to the committee at  He and Robert Spear, Director of Parking and Transportation Services, also remained after the Senate meeting to respond to questions and accept suggestions.

    OLD BUSINESS:  Senator Cotter, noting the late hour and apparent lack of quorum, deferred her plan to introduce the Vision Statement and Resolutions which had been communicated to the Senate from the Rutgers chapter of the AAUP.

    NEW BUSINESS:  There was no new business.

    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Vice Chairperson Rabinowitz reported on the March 5, 2004 Senate Executive Committee meeting.  Executive Committee minutes are available on the Senate website.

    REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES: There had been no board meetings since the February Senate meeting.

    REPORT OF CAMPUS FACULTY LIAISONS:  Senator Cotter, substituting for Senator Hirsh, chair of the New Brunswick Faculty Council (NBFC), said that there had been one meeting of the NBFC since the February Senate meeting, and that the report of that meeting would be presented to the Senate in April.

    ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 3:32 p.m.
    Kenneth Swalagin
    Secretary of the University Senate