MINUTES: Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: April 1, 2016

TIME AND PLACE: 1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, College Avenue Student Center, New Brunswick Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Abacan, Ahmed, Aioub, Alizadeh, Anaele, Anderson, Ardeshna, Arezzi, Avadhani, Balmer, Balog, Barbarese, Barchi, Benford, Bhuyan, Boikess, Borden, Borisovets, Bridgeman, Bugel, Chandler, Chau, Cherniss, Cotter, Covello, Dasari, Davis, Delnevo, A. Desai,  Durham, Edward, Edwards, Esposito, Faenza, Fennell, Fitzgerald-Bocarsly, Gajic, Gillett, Goh, Gould, K. Gursoy, M. Gursoy, Heckscher, Israel, Jamknanawala, Janniger, Joergensen, Joo, Kalan, Kelshikar, Killingsworth, Krapivin, Kressel, Langer, Jane Lewis, Mahtabfar, Maloney, Marcone, Martinez-San Miguel, Meck, Miranti, Moran, Mouradian, Norville, O'Connell, Okuwobi, Oleske, Oliver, Otto, Pandey, Pirrello, Ponzio, C. Potter, Prestigiacomo, Puhak, Pusukur, Rabinowitz, Ramsamy, Roth, Samant, Santana, Scheck, Schulberg, Schwartz, Scoloveno, C. Scott, K. Scott, Settles, Shapley, J. Shapiro, Singh, Spiegel, Stein, Struwe, Szatrowski, Takacs, Tamburello, Theiss, Thomson, Thompson, Toney-Boss, Torres, Wakim, Williams, Winkler, Zurlo

EXCUSED:  Alder, Anthony, Barraco, Boruchoff, Burley, Chayko, Y. Chen, DiVito, Dreyer, Fletcher, Gold, Gonzalez, Hayton, Huselid, Kustka, LaPointe, B. Lee, K. Lee, Markert, Mazurek, McKeever, Messer, Morrell, Nissen, Saltzman, Sharp, Sheflin, Szabo, VanStine, Wagner, Wasserman, White

ABSENT:   Asker, Avadame, Barone, Blanchett, Butterfield, Calabrese, Cantor, Capone, Charles, R. Chen, Coiro, Cooper, Covington, Cruz, Deans, R. Desai, Dixon, Drachtman, D'Souza, Eastman, Eisenstein, Farmbry, Farris, Fehn, Feldman, Gabriel, Ganesh, Goodman, Gower, Gramieri, Grant, Grave, Haddon, Holzemer, Holzer, D. Hughes, J. Hughes, Johnson, Kolbaba, Kukor, Kuzma, LaBella, Lei, Jan Lewis, Lindenmeyer, Lu, Mahon, March, Maruna, McGinnis, Meyer, Miller, Murphy, Oberdiek, Palmer, Parisi, Pintar, Pitt, Portillo, J. Potter, Robinson, Ryan, Salmond, Schiavo, Scotto, M. Shapiro, Shinbrot, Stauffer, Strom, Sung, Thomas, Toth, Wang, Winterbauer, Wise

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY: Faculty: Of 105 total: 67 present (64%), 18 excused (17%), 20 absent (19%); Students: Of 43 total: 21 present (48%), 5 excused (11%), 18 absent (41%); Administrators: Of 41 total: 4 present (9%), 4 excused (9%), 34 absent (83%); Staff: Of 17 total: 12 present (70%), 3 excused (18%), 2 absent (12%); Alumni: Of 5 total: 3 present (60%), 2 excused (40%), 0 absent (0%)
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Senate Chairperson Ann Gould called the meeting to order at 1:26 p.m. on Friday, April 1, 2016 in the Multipurpose Room of the College Avenue Student Center, College Avenue Campus, New Brunswick. She welcomed everyone to the penultimate meeting of the 2015-16 University Senate. She said there are still opportunities to volunteer for Chancellors' Commencement Committees, and that there are positions available on those committees for three faculty and two students from the Senate.



University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC) Response to Charge S-1403 on Process for Unit Mergers or Other Structural Changes - Jon Oliver and Robert Puhak, USGC Co-chairs

This report includes changes to Senate bylaws/related University Policy, so in accordance with established parliamentary procedure it was introduced at the previous Senate meeting, and was docketed for action at this meeting. The USGC was charged as follows:

Consider whether the University Senate should establish a general procedure, timeline, template and process for merging, dissolution or making structural changes to any university unit. Consider how such a process could assist the university and units in working in a deliberate, consultative and rational way so that all issues, impacts, concerns and benefits can be properly considered on a timely basis. Make recommendations on time limits and process.

USGC Co-chairs Jon Oliver and Robert Puhak summarized their committee's report and recommendations on Charge S-1403 on Process for Unit Mergers or Other Structural Changes. Puhak showed a PowerPoint presentation that included changes that had been made to the report since its introduction. The report was discussed briefly, then adopted unanimously by the Senate.

Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee (ICAC) Response to Charge S-1504 on Determination of Student Attendance - Natalie Borisovets, ICAC Chair

The ICAC had been charged as follows: Develop guidelines that would allow units and individual instructors to comply with U.S. Department of Education requirements that Rutgers keep records for students receiving federal financial aid that substantiate students' participatory attendance in the classes for which they are registered.

This report had been postponed at the previous Senate meeting. ICAC Chair Natalie Borisovets introduced this agenda item. Senator Brandon Theiss, noting that there had been a productive discussion of this report in the Student Caucus that day, then successfully moved to again postpone to the next Senate meeting. It was noted that the report will come back to the Senate at that time in its original form becuse that is what has been postponed.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT - University President Robert Barchi

University President Robert Barchi presented an Administrative Report that included comments on:
Barchi then responded to questions, or heard comments, on the above topics, as well as:
PRESENTATION ON RUTGERS CONNECT - Stan Kolasa, Director of Enterprise Messaging, Enterprise Application Services, Office of Information Technology

Stan Kolasa, Director of Enterprise Messaging, Enterprise Application Services, of the Office of Information Technology, presented a summary of Rutgers Connect plans and features. His PowerPoint presentation is online here. He then responded to questions on his presentation.

SENATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT - Senate Vice Chair Peter Gillett reported on the March 4, 2016 meeting and activities of the Senate Executive Committee.

REPORTS OF THE REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES: Senator Samuel Rabinowitz, Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors, reported on the brief March 22 Board of Governors meeting to approve the new basketball coach's contract. Senator Asha Samant, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees, reported on the March 10 Board of Trustees meeting. 

CAMPUS FACULTY AND STUDENT LIAISON REPORTS: Senator Samuel Rabinowitz, a member of the Camden Faculty Council, said that that Council had not met since the previous Senate meeting. Camden Student Senator Brandon Theiss reported on recent Camden law student plans and activities. Camden Student Senator Zachary Borden also reported on Camden student plans and activities. Senator Mark Killingsworth, New Brunswick Faculty Council Chairperson, reported on that group's plans and recent meetings. Senator Justin Schulberg, New Brunswick Student Member of the Senate Executive Committee, reported on New Brunswick student governing association activities. Senator Edmund Janniger, Newark Student Member of the Senate Executive Committee, reported on Newark student activities. Senator Patricia Fitzgerald-Bocarsly, RBHS Faculty Council Chair, reported on that group's plans and recent activities.

ADJOURNMENT: Before adjourning, Ann Gould said that the next Senate meeting, which may be lengthy, would be held at the Busch Student Center. The meeting adjourned at 3:53 p.m.

Minutes Written and Submitted by,
Ken Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate