Regular Meeting of the University Senate
DATEApril 22, 2005
TIME AND PLACE: 11:37 a.m.Multipurpose Room, Rutgers Student Center, 126 College Avenue, College Avenue Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT: Abaskharon, Ambar, Atmeh, Banerjee, Barone, Bell, Bellany, Blasi, Blimling, Bodnar, Boikess, Borisovets, Boyd, Boylan, Bravo, Brazier, Cannon, Caprio, Cerulo, Chabal, Colin, A. Cooper, K. Cooper, Cotter, Curry, Curtis, Darien, E. Dennis, Dess, Dholandas, Diner, DiVito, Dupersoy, Dutta, C. Ellis, N. Ellis, Ezgilioglu, Farrell, Ferguson, Forero, Friedrich, Furmanski, Gaunt, Gigliotti, Gillett, Goldin, Gould, Greenhut, Guo, Hall, Herbst, Hmelo-Silver, Hodgson, Hoekzema, Huang, Hughes, Hyndman, Jackson, Jessen, V. Johnson, Kagan, Kauffman, Kavanagh, Kennedy, Kirby, Kirschner, Krenos, Krucher, Laguna-Diaz, LaSala, Lashley, Leath, Lee, Liepmann, Maher, Mangin, Markert, Markowitz, McCabe, McCormick, McKay, McKeever, Melwani, Messer, Miller, Norville, Obayashi, O’Connell, O’Connor, Ozbay, Palmon, Panayotatos, Pangilinan, Phillips, Potenza, Puniello, Rabii, Rabiner, Samuel Rabinowitz, Sidney Rabinowitz, Raykar, Reed, Rubin, Schaich, Scott, Sifuentes-Jauregui, P. Simmons, R. Simmons, H. Smith, N. Smith, Spierer, Stauffer, Szatrowski, Tittler, Turner, Turpin, Turvey, Vodak, Volk, Wang, Whang, Winterbauer, Woolley, Zaborszky

Axelrod, Bay, Colaizzi, DeLisi, Fishbein, Hallmark, Hirsh, Hornichter, J. Jones, R. Jones, Oren, Schock, Schorr, Sherman, Venuto

Apfel, Baro, Bilodeau, Breton, Butler, Chambers, Chen, Chernin, Chism, Cronk, Davidson, Dellane, R. Dennis, Desposito, Deutsch, Diamond, Donsky, Evans, Ezendokwere, Feinberg, Hanna, Holmes, Jesse,W. Johnson, Klein, Kokini, Kressel, Lake, Leontiades, Leustek, Manhoff, Marsh, Merandy, Nerurkar, Ocone, Odutola, Ogwu, Perlman, Philps, Rowan, Shahrokh, Simon, Solomon, Spero, Stark, Tinglin, Tsurumi, Tuckman, Worrall, Zolad

: Of 90 total: 61 present (68%), 11 excused (12%), 18 absent (20%); Students: Of 56 total: 33 present (59%), 2 excused (4%), 21 absent (37%); Administrators: Of  37 total: 25 present (68%), 2 excused (5%), 10 absent (27%); Alumni: Of 6 total: 5 present (83%), 0 excused, 1 absent (17%)
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Innerfield, Seto

: Martha Cotter, Chairperson

Chairperson Cotter called the meeting to order at 11:37 a.m., immediately following collection of the election ballots from the Organizational Meeting of the 2005-06 University Senate. Her chairperson’s report included comments on: REPORT OF THE SECRETARY: Agenda: Secretary Swalagin said that 10-minute discussion time limits would be in effect for most of the committee reports. Senator Adam Cooper moved to table the University Structure and Governance Committee’s response to Charge S-0401 on Faculty and Student Board of Governors Membership. Parliamentarian Smith said that the motion should be to remove the item from the agenda, rather than to table. Senator Cooper amended his motion accordingly. Duly seconded, the Senate’s two-thirds vote removed the item from the agenda. The agenda was approved as amended.
Minutes: On motion and duly seconded, the Minutes of the March 11, 2005 Senate meeting were approved as distributed by the Secretary.
Communications: The following communications were presented by the Secretary:
Senator O’Connor, co-chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, said that Senator Turvey wrote his committee’s report on Rutgers’ Travel Reimbursement Policy. He thanked Senator Turvey, the Budget and Finance Committee, and Vice President Kavanagh for their work on the report and revision of the policy. He distributed some documents related to the report.


[The first committee report began at 11:45 a.m.]

Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee (ASRAC) - Michelle Brazier and Craig Oren, Co-chairs; Martha Cotter, Subcommittee Chair; Response to Charge S-0317, Faculty Role in Undergraduate Student Recruitment and Admissions
Senator Oren, committee co-chair, was unable to attend the meeting.Senate Vice Chair Rabinowitz assumed the chair as Senator Cotter, who co-chaired the ASRAC subcommittee on this charge, and Senator Brazier, ASRAC co-chair, presented and summarized the committee’s response to Charge S-0317, Faculty Role in Undergraduate Student Recruitment and Admissions. The committee had been charged as follows: Review the current practices for faculty involvement in both recruiting and admitting undergraduate students to Rutgers University. Determine whether faculty and faculty admissions committees are active participants in the process, whether University Regulations are being met, and whether the role of faculty should be expanded. (Documents regarding faculty role in admissions include: Senate Resolution A-8420; University Regulations, Section 2.12; Motion passed by the Livingston Fellows on June 8, 2000; NBFC recommendation of April 26, 2002).” Following brief discussion, the question was called, and the report and its recommendations were adopted by the Senate.

The Senate recessed for lunch at 12:00 noon.

The Senate reconvened at 1:25 p.m.

President McCormick delivered the administrative report, which included comments on:
Following the report, President McCormick responded to questions, or heard comments, regarding:early planning for changes to the College Avenue Campus; the need to retain the colleges’ history, identities and traditions when moving forward with the new vision for Rutgers University; appreciation for the commitment to expand the Livingston Campus Center; appreciation for his overall leadership; and a request that the University College-New Brunswick student center also be expanded.


Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee
(FAPC) - Ann Brooks Gould and Paul Panayotatos, Co-chairs, Response to Charge A-0410, Clinical and Professional Practice Faculty Tracks 

Senators Gould and Panayotatos, co-chairs of the Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee, summarized their committee’s response to Charge A-0410, Clinical and Professional Practice Faculty Tracks. The committee had been charged as follows:Review and respond to the administration's proposals regarding Clinical and Professional Practice Tracks for the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology; Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick and Newark, and the School of Business-Camden; and the Mason Gross School of the Arts. Report to Senate Executive Committee by May 2005.

Discussion of the report’s recommendations and resolution resulted in the following successful motions to amend:
The Senate then adopted the report and recommendations, as amended.

[EXTENSION OF MEETING TIME: At this point in the proceedings, the Senate approved Senator DiVito’s motion to extend the overall meeting time until consideration of, and action on, the Senate Bylaws Review was completed.]

University Structure and Governance Committee - Joseph Blasi and Kathleen Scott, Co-chairs, Response to Charge S-0324, Senate Bylaws Review (Part 2, Senate Handbook)

Senators Blasi and Scott, co-chairs of the University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC), summarized their committee’s response to Charge S-0324, Senate Bylaws Review (Part 2, Senate Handbook). The committee had been charged as follows:Review Senate bylaws and enabling University Regulations as outlined in the Senate Handbook, and make recommendations for revisions, particularly regarding Senate membership, officer eligibility and requirements. Consult with Senate secretary and chair to identify specific aspects of the bylaws and regulations to be examined.

The Senate considered the report’s articles eight articles individually. Discussion resulted in the following successful motions to amend:
Each article was adopted by the Senate individually after it was discussed. Following discussion, amendment, and adoption of the individual articles, the Handbook in its entirety was adopted by the Senate, with one opposing vote, and one abstention.

ADJOURNMENT:The meeting adjourned at 4:56 p.m.

Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate