MINUTES: Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: October 23, 2009

TIME AND PLACE: 1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, Camden Campus Center, Camden Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT: Akincigil, Atkins, Barnett, Beachem, Boikess, Borisovets, Bubb, Bumby, Burrell, Cantarella, Caprio, B. Cooper, Cotter, Dholandas, Dighton, Dougherty, Ellis, Figueira, Fishbein, Furmanski, Gao, Garcia, Ghetia, Gillett, Robert Goodman, Roe Goodman, Gould, Grant, Graziosi, Greenhut, Hall, Heckscher, Heydt, Hicks, Hoffman, Hudson, Janes, Jerome-DeMilia, Jimenez, Kaplan, Katz, Lawton, Leath, Levine, Levinson, Luo, Lynch, Markert, Markowitz, Marsh, McArdle, McCormick, Mojaddedi, Murray, Muse, Nycz, Oliver, Oyekoya, Panayotatos, Pavlik, Pinchuk, Pritchett, Rabinowitz, Rhee, Sabo, Sass, Schaffner, Schantz, Schramke, Sharp, Sheflin, Slavin, Soukup, Spiegel, G. Stein, Stephan, K. Thompson, Toney-Boss, Traxler, Vodak, Waller, Weiss, White, Wild, Wilson, Wu

EXCUSED: Barone, Bhuyan, Bodnar, Boylan, Brooks, Carr, M. Cooper, Cowen, Del Rosario, DeLisi, Desai, Diner, Edwards, Fehn, Gaunt, Gomes, Gunkel, Guo, Gursoy, Hanebrink, He, Hmelo-Silver, Hyndman, Kanj, Kaufman-Scarborough, Kerkhof, Kim, Kowler, Kukor, Lewis, Lintakoon, Loftus, Ludescher, McKeever, Messer, Miller, Minsky, Molloy, Morton, Natarajan, Niederman, Nolfi, Norville, Papathomas, Patel, Perrone, Pilotte, Piotrowicz, Plummer, Rudman, Schorr, Shah, Simmons, Smith, Solomon, Soomro, Szatrowski, F. Thompson, Tittler, Tomassone, Tu, Tumer, Veysey, Violette, Wagner, Winterbauer, Yeagle, Yu, Zimmerman

ABSENT: Abercrombie, Adam, Agarwal, Ahmed, Alphonse, Amirahmadi, Blumenthal, Buch, Ciklamini, Cosandey, Creese, Davidson, Diamond, Dutta, Farag, Farmer, Farris, Finegold, Gabriel, Goldman, Greenberg, Holzemer, Holzer, Hughes, Kalelkar, Klobucista, Kornmehl, Leonard, Lomiguen, Matsuda, McLean, Polack, Rodgers, G. Roth, H. Roth, Rudrapatna, Sahi, Saleh, Schement, Schnetzer, Schurman, Simon, Spath, Stauffer, J. Stein, Stewart, Tansey, Thomas, Wang, Wyhopen

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY: Faculty: Of 96 total: 43 present (45%), 33 excused (34%), 20 absent (21%); Students: Of 52 total: 24 present (46%), 14 excused (27%), 14 absent (27%); Administrators: Of 41 total: 9 present (22%), 18 excused (44%), 14 absent (34%); Alumni: Of 6 total: 1 present (17%), 3 excused (50%), 2 absent (33%); Staff: Of 10 total: 9 present (90%), 1 excused (10%), 0 absent 

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PRESIDING OFFICER:Samuel Rabinowitz, Chairperson


Chairperson Rabinowitz called the meeting to order at 1:19 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of the Camden Campus Center. After welcoming all to the annual meeting in Camden, he noted that, during his Senate chairship, Rutgers-Camden had constructed or significantly renovated the School of Law, the Recreation Center, the dining area, and the Multipurpose Room in which the Senate meeting was being held. He also noted that the agenda would not include a campus tour as originally announced.

SECRETARY'S REPORT - Kenneth Swalagin, Executive Secretary
CAMDEN CAMPUS REPORT - Camden Chancellor Wendell Pritchett

Camden Chancellor Wendell Pritchett presented a Camden Campus Report.  The report included comments on the following topics:
Chancellor Pritchett then responded to questions on topics which included:
ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT - President Richard L. McCormick

President McCormick presented an administrative report, which included comments on topics including:
President McCormick then responded to questions or comments on subjects including:

Student Affairs Committee (SAC) Response to Charge S-0802, Policies on Participation in Blood Drives - Kevin Wild and Samuel Rabinowitz, SAC Co-chairs

Senate Vice Chairperson Paul Leath assumed the chair while Senate Chairperson Rabinowitz, who also co-chairs the Student Affairs Committee (SAC), took the podium to present the SAC report on Policies on Participation in Blood Drives. SAC Co-chair Kevin Wild summarized and moved the committee report. [Note: The link above goes to the report as it was presented by the SAC to the Senate. A link to the revised, as-adopted report appears below.] Senator Slavin's motion to separate the first sentence of report section VII was not accepted by the SAC as friendly, but was seconded and adopted by the Senate on card vote. The text thereby separated from the report was:

"Based on considerable, extended discussion and review of available, pertinent materials and interviews in this matter, the Student Affairs Committee of the University Senate finds the US Food and Drug Administration's practice and policy of barring blood donations by men who have sex with men is NOT a discriminatory practice that violates Rutgers' nondiscrimination policies."

Without further discussion, the remainder of the report, minus the above, separated sentence, was adopted by the Senate on card vote.

On the separated portion of the report, which found that the USFDA practice does not violate Rutgers' nondiscrimination policy, a motion to include the separated sentence in the adopted report, as well as a motion to reconsider and allow the SAC to respond immediately, both failed. The separated clause was neither reinstated nor adopted by the Senate.

[Link to the Report, as amended and adopted by the Senate.]

Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee (ICAC) Response to Charge S-0806, Hybrid Courses and Model of Teaching - Natalie Borisovets, ICAC Chair

Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee Chair Natalie Borisovets summarized the committee report on Hybrid Courses and Model of Teaching, which had been sent back to committee by the Senate at the May 2009 meeting. [Note: The link above goes to the report as it was presented by the ICAC to the Senate. A link to the revised, as-adopted report appears below.] Borisovets responded to several questions about what the ICAC had considered in formulating the report and its recommendations. Senator Wild's motion to replace "should, when possible" with "must" in Recommendation 3 failed. Accepted as friendly was Senator Fishbein's motion to add to the recommendations language making explicit the already implied provision that decisions to run hybrid courses should be made on pedagogical grounds. The report, as amended, was then adopted by the Senate with none opposed.

[Link to the Report, as amended and adopted by the Senate.]

OLD BUSINESS: There was no old business.

NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT: Vice Chairperson Paul Leath reported on the Senate Executive Committee meetings of June 5, September 4, and October 9, 2009.

REPORTS OF REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES: Senator Cotter, Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors, reported on the July 14 and October 13, 2009 Board of Governors meetings. She said she was in Italy when the June 25 BoG meeting was held, but would report on that meeting at a subsequent Senate meeting if asked to do so. Senator Vodak, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees, said that the Board of Trustees had not met since his last report, but would meet on October 29.

There were no reports from Campus Faculty Liaisons.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate