Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: October 27, 2006

TIME AND PLACE: 1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, CamdenCampusCenter, Camden Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:Adelman, Allen, Allender, Alonso, Bernstein, Boikess, Borisovets, Bosotov, Bravo, Bynes, Caprio, Carbone, Carey, Chabal, Cole, Cooke, Coppolo, Cotter, Cowen, Curtis, DeLuca, R. Dennis, Edwards, Eldreth, Friedrich, Furmanski, Gaunt, Gillett, Gould, Grant, Greenhut, Hall, Heckscher, Hyman, Jackson, Johnson, Keating, Larmony, Leath, Levitsky, Lippert, Markert, Markowitz, Marsh, Mauroff, McCormick, McCoy-Carter, McKay, J. Meyer, Mulcahy, Nayyar, Ng, Niederman, Nolfi, Norville, Obayashi, Oren, Palmon, Panayotatos, Puniello, Samuel Rabinowitz, Sidney Rabinowitz, Reiss, Rivera, Robinson, Rockland, Rold, Schantz, Schein, Scott, Shah, Soyosa, Spiegel, Spotacco, Stein, Szatrowski, Taulane, Tevis, Thompson, Tittler, Toney-Boss, Van Til, Venzie, Wallace, Williams, Winterbauer, Wright, Wyhopen

EXCUSED: Alger, Barone, Bhuyan, Bodnar, Boylan, Bubb, Busia, Cohick, Coit, Colaizzi, Covey, Creese, DeLisi, E. Dennis, Diner, Dutta, Galili, Gigliotti, Gimenez, Gonzalez-Palmer, Goodman, Gunderson, Guo, Hughes, Jozefczyk, Kalelkar, Kern, Krenos, Laguna-Diaz, Lehne, McCabe, McKeever, W. Meyer, Miller, Oppenheim, Ozbay, Rankin, Sanders, Schaich, Schorr, Schwab, P. Simmons, R. Simmons, St. John, Sukhdeo, Traxler, Vodak

ABSENT:Alley, Ambar, Amirahmadi, Apfel, Atmeh, Barbarese, Bay, Bellany, Blimling, Bosch, Copeland, Deutsch, Dienst, Dixon-McInerney, Duncan, Finegold, Fowler, Habib, Hart, Harris, Holzer, Hyndman, Kennedy, Kirby, Kirschner, Klein, Kokini, Koza, Lashley, Lipman, Livingston, Maher, Marchetta, Murthy, Ocone, Patel, Pedersen, Pittman, Quinn, Schock, Simon, Sofer, Solomon, Sonariwo, Staples, Stauffer, Urbaniak, Vera, Wagner, Wang, Whitfield

ATTENDANCE SUMMARY:   Faculty:Of 84 total: 34 present (40%), 33 excused (40%), 17 absent (20%); Students: Of 51 total: 31 present (61%), 3 excused (6%), 17 absent (33%); Administrators: Of 35 total: 10 present (28%), 9 excused (26%), 16 absent (46%); Alumni: Of 6 total: 4 present (66%), 1 excused (17%), 1 absent (17%); Staff: Of 10 total: 9 present (90%, 1 excused (10%), 0 absent

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PRESIDING OFFICER: Martha Cotter, Chairperson


Chairperson Cotter called the meeting to order at 1:23 p.m. After welcoming all to the annual meeting in Camden, and noting that the Senate is always treated very well on the Camden Campus, she made a very brief report which included comments on:

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY - Kenneth Swalagin, Executive Secretary
ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT - President Richard L. McCormick 

President McCormick, noting that the upcoming Camden Campus Report by Provost Dennis would include a report on academic developments and other initiatives in Camden, and that little had changed since his annual address, made a brief administrative report which included comments on:

President McCormick then responded to questions on a number of topics.

CAMDEN CAMPUS REPORT - Provost Roger Dennis 

Camden Provost Dennis presented a synopsis of the Camden Campus Report.  The report included comments on the following topics:


Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee - Natalie Borisovets, Chair

Response to Charge S-0313, Availability of Syllabi during Add/Drop

Original Charge: Review and comment on the suggestion that Rutgers should require all instructors to make available final, or at least draft, syllabi prior to the end of the add/drop period, in order to give students a clear indication of what topics the class will cover and emphasize (which sometimes differs from what is indicated in the catalog), as well as the workload and grading structure.
Senator Borisovets summarized the Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee's charge and report on Availability of Syllabi During Add/Drop. Senator Gillett moved that the words "on their departmental websites" be removed from the report's second recommendation. The motion was seconded and discussed, but failed on card vote. The Senate then adopted the report, which included the following recommendations:
Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee - Martha Cotter and Jillian Curtis, Co-chairs

Response to Charge S-0411, Content of Student Transcripts

Original Charge:  Consider and make recommendations regarding the proposal to increase the information content of student transcripts.
Senators Curtis and Cotter presented the Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee's report on Content of Student Transcripts.  (Vice Chairperson Rabinowitz assumed the chair while Chairperson Cotter presented.)  Curtis explained that the proposal submitted for Senate consideration found little or no support in the ASRAC, and that the committee had therefore decided not to recommend any change to the content of student transcripts.  Cotter spoke to why the committee did not support the proposal to make the change, noting that the New Brunswick Faculty Council had also considered and rejected the proposal as mandatory, and also that the arguments in favor of the proposal were largely contradicted by the consensus in the ASRAC.  There was no discussion and no vote on this report, as no changes to the status quo were recommended.


There was no old business.


There was no new business.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE- Samuel Rabinowitz, Vice Chairperson

Senate Vice Chair Rabinowitz welcomed everyone to the Camden Campus, and reported on the Executive Committee's activities.


Senator Curtis, Student Representative to the Board of Governors, reported on the board's October 13 meeting, which included "some disturbing statistics and comments about budget cuts and personnel losses." She urged everyone to contact the state legislature to voice their concerns regarding the budget cuts.

Senator Scott, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees, reported on the board's October 28 meeting, which began with induction of new and returning members, and which also included updates on the budget and implementation of restructuring of undergraduate education in New Brunswick, as well as a report from the Investments Committee and a resolution to divest holdings in the Sudan.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 2:38 p.m.

Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate