Minutes of University Senate, November 19, 1953

The first meeting of the University Senate for the academic year 1953-1954 was held on Thursday, November 19, 1953 at 4:00 p.m. in the University Commons, New Brunswick. Dr. Gross opened the meeting explaining that. Dr. Jones had been delayed.

Present were President Jones, J.B. Allison, R.A. Bowers, E.M. Burns, M.T. Corwin, B.H. Davis, G.S. Demarest, C.A. Discher, E.C. Easton, G. R. Esterly, B.H. French, M. Gideonse, H. Gillespie, M.W. Gross, . L. Hall, H.C. Herge, P.C. Ireton, H.T. Jewell, J.B. Keosian, J.H. Koenig, R.W. Lippincott, E.E. McMahon, F.T. McGill, L.A. Martin, N.H. Martin, A.E. Meder, J.D, Neill, H.G. Owen, E.R. Purvis, W. Rieman, H.J. Rockafeller, M.J. Rodman, E.A. Shrader, J.J. Slade, Jr., E.P. Starke, M.H. Steinhauer, R.S. Sweet, J.H. Taggart, M.D. Talbott, L K. Tunks, W.J. von Minden, R. Walker, G.S. Weissman. K.E. Metzger served as secretary.

The following members of the Senate were excused: D.F. Cameron, S. Fich, W.A. Maclinn, W.C. Russell, S.A. Waksman, H.P. Woodward.

Organization of the Senate

Because this was the first meeting of the University Senate, the organization of the Senate and the status of the University Standing Committees were considered. Dr. Gross announced that, in accordance with the University statutes, Dr. Jones had appointed the following to the Executive Committee: J.B. Allison, R.A. Bowers, G.S. Demarest, S. Fich, H. Gillespie, N.N. Gross, H.C. Herge, J.B. Keosian, W.A. Maclinn, A.E. Meder, E.A. Shrader, E.P. Starke, M.D. Talbott, W.J. von Minden

The secretary read a list of the present Standing Committees of the University and Dr. Gross asked whether there were any changes which the members of the Senate wished. Dr. Burns spoke of the desirability of having two additional committees added to the list: A committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure, and a committee on Personnel Procedures. The motion was made that these committees be organized and made University Standing Committees. The motion was seconded and passed.
Dean Meder expressed the opinion that some of the Standing Committees may be regarded as of the Senate, while others may not be so regarded; and he moved that the Executive Committee review the question and report to the Senate at an early meeting. The motion was seconded and passed. 
Dr. Jones entered the meeting at this juncture and assumed the Chair.

Reports of Committees

, by Mr. Kramer, whose report is attached. The motion was made and seconded that the recommendations in his report be adopted. The motion was passed.

Budget, by Professor Hopkins, who reported that members of the Committee attended the hearing on the University budget in the offices of the State Director of the Budget in Trenton on Wednesday, November 18. The Budget Committee plans to follow the same procedure as it has followed in the past, concentrating on broad policies rather than details. No legislative action was requested by his Committee.
Foreign Service Information: The Secretary reported for Professor Burks, Chairman of the Committee, that the Committee has nominated the following students to be the Rutgers delegates at the Annual Conference on Foreign Affairs held at the United States Military Academy in early December: Jane O’Connor of the College for Women, and A. Morzis Munyan of the College of South Jersey.

Government Research, by Dr. Baker, who described the work of the Committee. Since l950 the In-Service Training Programs have had an enrollment of 340 students. Dr. Baker mentioned several publications which have been issued by the Bureau of Government Research since its inception, and said that several other publications are soon to be issued.

The following committee chairmen had distributed their written reports to the members of the senate before the meeting. No legislative action was requested in any instance:

Professor Turner - Fulbright Awards
Professor Cameron - Library Advisory Board
Dean Durand - Student Activities Board, Newark
Mr. Platt - Physical Education and Student Health, Newark

Their reports are appended.

Report from Provost’s Cabinet

Dr. Gross spoke of the following matters which the Provost ‘s Cabinet believed should be brought before the Senate:

(1) Faculty Work Load. Dr. Gross recommended that the problem of the work load of the faculty be investigated by an ad hoc committee and that the committee’ recommendations be given to the Senate as soon as possible. After discussion the motion was made and seconded that the faculty work load problem be referred to the Committee on Personnel Procedures for study and recommendations. The motion was passed.

(2) Degree for Two-Year Course in Nursing. Dr. Gross raised the question of granting the degree of Associate in Science to graduates of the two-year course in, nursing at the Newark College of Arts id sciences. After discussion the motion was made and seconded that the degree of Associate in Science be conferred at the completion of the two-year program in nursing. An amending motion was made and seconded to the following effect: That the question of conferring the Associate in Science degree be referred to the Educational Policies Committee for further study and recommendation to the Executive Committee of the Senate, and that the Executive Committee be empowered to take appropriate action. The motion was passed.

(3) Physical Education - Newark Colleges. Dr. Gross described the problem at the Newark Colleges of whether Korean veteran students should be required to take the two-year course in physical education. Currently the requirement obtains, but discretion has been granted to the Physical Education Committee in Newark to make exceptions when necessary. The motion was made that the problem be submitted to the Committee on Academic Standards for study . and recommendation and that meanwhile the new Physical Education Committee continue to use its discretion. The motion was seconded and passed.

Old Business

There was no old business to be brought before the meeting.

New Business

Dean Meder announced that U. S. Air Force Headquarters has ordered that results of the Air Force Officers qualifying tests given to Air R.O.T.C. students throughout the country be submitted to Washington on or before December l5, 1953. The problem of scheduling the examination was referred to Dean Nader and the four academic deans of the Colleges for Men.

Dean Meder announced that the University will be evaluated by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges in November 1955. He emphasized the importance of beginning to prepare for the evaluation as soon as possible. He also announced that the Executive Director of the Evaluation Commission has asked to come to Rutgers to explain the evaluation procedure, and suggested that a special session of the Senate be arranged, if necessary, to hear the Director when he visits the campus. Miss Corwin urged that more Rutgers faculty members serve on visiting teams of the Evaluation Commission, and Dean Meder said that this topic will be brought before the Provost’ a Cabinet at an early date.

Professor Talbott expressed the hope that complete information will be available about all matters submitted to the Senate for consideration and decision, and he made the motion that the Executive Committee study the need for having all these matters thoroughly considered before implementing action is taken by the Senate. The motion was seconded and passed.

Mr. Rockafeller spoke of his concern about the extension of the daily academic schedule until the late hours of each day with consequent interference with the athletic program of the University. He urged that the problem be submitted to a committee for study and recommendation. Dean Hall spoke of a similar difficulty at the College of South Jersey. The matter was referred to the Executive Committee for consideration. Dr. Jones urged the members of the Senate to send any suggestions for alleviating the situation to the Executive Committee.

Report from the President

Dr. Jones reported on the following matters which have been considered by the administrative officers and the Trustees:

1. Dormitory Construction. Negotiations are now proceeding rapidly for a loan from the National Life Insurance Company of Vermont for construction of dormitories for 1000 students including an infirmary. If all goes well, construction should begin next spring.

2. Development Program. The University is organizing a Development Program under the direction of a Development Council, consisting of Trustees and administrators, so that there will be a continuous program of seeking funds for the University.
3. Olin Foundation. The University has been negotiating with the Olin Foundation for financial assistance in the construction of Chemical Engineering Laboratories, but it is still too early to report significant progress.

4. Law Center Campaign. Although close to $500,000 has been raised so far in this campaign, much remains to be done. Justice Ackerson has been serving as Chairman of the campaign, and the University is greatly indebted to him.

5. Business Education. The problem of what Business Education is and where it should be concentrated in the University is a matter of great concern, and a committee to study the entire problem is being appointed.

6. Appointment of New Deans. Dr. Jones introduced Dean Herge, Dean Tunks, and Dean Lowell Martin, recently appointed Deans of the School of Education, School of Law, and Graduate School of Library Service, respectively. He also mentioned that legislative appropriations have been made to the Graduate School of Library Service and the Graduate 6chool of Social Work and that advisory committees for both schools have been organized. Consideration is now being given to the appointment of a dean of the Graduate school of Social Work.

7. Medical Colleges. The New Jersey Medical Society and many other organizations throughout the state are conducting an active and effective program to educate the people of the state to the need for a medical college.

8. Dedication of the Institute of Microbiology. Plans for an elaborate three-day dedication of the institute have been drafted, but the dates for the . dedication are still to be set. Several honorary degrees will be conferred on eminent scientists from all parts of the world at the time.

9. Alumni-Faculty Club. The alumni are eager to have an alumni-faculty house and last year designated $7,500 of the Rutgers Fund to the purpose. This year they plan to allocate an additional $10,000. The Parker House on College Avenue is being considered for conversion into a faculty club on a temporary basis, and this might be subsidized by the alumni at a rate of $10,000 per year. Presumably dues would be assessed against the faculty, the amount of the dues being determined by faculty rank. Dr. Jones asked that the Senate give consideration to the enterprise.

10. Rutgers Caravan. Last year’s Caravan programs were a success and the University now plans to hold seven Caravans during the present academic year. Dr. Jones encouraged members of the Senate to participate in the Caravan programs.

The meeting was recessed for dinner at 6:15 p.m., and following dinner Dean Tunks spoke briefly about the Law School, its present activities and plans for the future.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Karl E. Metzger