Rutgers University Senate
December 9, 2011
Rutgers Student Center, College Avenue Campus, New Brunswick

The Senate's activities for December 9, 2011 will consist of committee meetings and caucuses only. The full Senate will not meet. Please attend your committee meetings. The Senate's success is highly dependent on all Senators' levels of participation in their committees' work. If you have not been involved in your committee, this committee-focused Senate day is an excellent opportunity to become active.

COMMITTEE SCHEDULES: Committees will convene at 10:00 a.m. (unless you have been emailed by your committee chair that your committee will begin at a different time) in the Rutgers Student Center (RSC), College Avenue Campus, in the rooms indicated below. Committee chairs will call for a lunch recess at an appropriate point during the meeting, and should let you know what time to return to continue the committee discussions. At 2:00 p.m., caucuses will begin (rooms also indicated below).

CAUCUSES: Faculty and Student Caucuses will be held in the Rutgers Student Center Multipurpose Room (MPR) instead of the usual caucus rooms. The MPR will be divided to accommodate these two caucuses. If your committee adjourns before 2:00 p.m., please feel free to join other students or faculty in the Multipurpose Room to discuss any issues of mutual interest until your caucus begins officially at 2:00. Staff and alumni whose committees adjourn before 2:00 are invited to gather in MPR Room 407 until your caucuses begin in the rooms indicated below.

COFFEE will be available in Room 407 throughout the morning. Because the Budget and Finance Committee meets on the lower level of the RSC, separate coffee service will be provided in that room for the BFC members.

ISSUES FOR DISCUSSION: Specific, pending charges currently in the committees are listed online at If you haven't already done so, please familiarize yourself with the charges in your committee before Friday. Also, the committees' standing charges are online at Those standing charges should inform discussions as well, particularly when considering areas and issues that may be explored in the future.