Text of Undated (received August 28, 2012) Cover Letter transmitting Targum Publishing Company Concept Plan and supporting documentation
for planned Spring 2013 referendum:

Dear Mr. Swalagin,

Targum Publishing Company wishes to submit this Concept Plan for Referendum 2013. Under the Procedures for Special Student Organizations, the Concept Plan must be submitted to the Executive Committee of the University Senate by the first week of the semester prior to referenda. The Targum intends to conduct the referendum in the Spring of 2013. The Daily Targum submits this Concept Plan under the applicable guidelines.

The Daily Targum seeks to maintain our status on Rutgers student term bills in order to support the printing and delivery of the newspaper. The refundable Targum fee will remain at $10.75.

Targum Publishing Company continues to provide a daily newspaper for each day classes are in session. Our Concept Plan explains how The Daily Targum benefits the Rutgers community and expresses our need to continue to be funded by the student body.


Ashley Magno
Business Manager
Targum Publishing Company