Text of October 30, 2016 Email from Barbara Lee, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
on Selection of Senators to Serve on Dean's Evaluation Committee for Cathryn Potter, Dean of the School of Social Work

To:       Members, University Senate Executive Committee

From: Barbara A. Lee

Re: Decanal Reviews

I am writing to report to you on one of the decanal evaluations being undertaken
this academic year. In New Brunswick, we will be reviewing School of Social Work
Dean Cathryn Potter, who is beginning her fourth year as Dean of the School. I will
write to you about any decanal reviews taking place on the other campuses at a later

As you know, the process for the evaluation of Deans calls for the Senate Executive
Committee to provide the Dean’s supervisor with a list of eight eligible faculty
members (those not holding an administrative appointment above the level of
Department chair) from outside the decanal unit to serve on the Dean’s Evaluation
Committee (DEC). From this list, the New Brunswick Chancellor will select two
representatives to serve on the DEC. In this regard, please accept this memo as
formal notice that we are initiating this review and require the Senate’s slate of
candidates. In selecting the faculty recommended to serve, we ask that you select
tenured faculty who have knowledge or appreciation for the discipline represented in
the unit being reviewed. Please also be certain that those nominated will be
available for both semesters of the academic year (i.e., not on leave) and would be
willing to serve if asked. We would appreciate receiving your nominations as soon
as possible, so that we may initiate the review process soon. You may send the names
for Dean Potter’s review directly to Chancellor Edwards. Thank you very much for
your help with this important process.