Text of Robert Boikess's Email to Bruce Fehn re Removing Students from Rosters When Term Bills Are Not Paid

Once a student is removed from the roster, he or she no longer has access to Sakai. Since I post detailed lecture notes, practice  exams, syllabi, practice problems, and other material they need, I don't use Sakai. Even if a student doesn't have access to this material for a week or so, it becomes a serious problem for the student. So I use our own web site, which is password protected, but much more difficult for us to manage. Because of the large size of the class (almost 1500 students) we use a very complicated grading program, which is tied to the roster. If the student is off the roster, it creates problems for us in trying to keep track of his/her scores.

I've  spoken with Dick Edwards about this issue. He was also sympathetic to the students and pointed out that sometimes when a student is dropped from the roster of a filled course, the student can't get back in  after paying the bill.

No doubt we have some students who try to beat the system by not paying until they are sure they are going to pass the course and we want to deny those students access to the course materials. But in these tough economic times, I imagine there are many more students who are having financial troubles, but do try to pay as soon as possible. At least that is my experience from speaking with students in my class.

So I wonder if we could possibly consider a system in which a notation is put next to the name of the student on the roster indicating money owed, rather than removing the student from the roster altogether. If you think it might be useful, the Professor could be notified when such a notation is assigned."