2016-17 University Senate Committee Rosters

Executive Committee - Senate Officers

Peter Gillett, Chair RBS:UNB, Faculty
Robert Puhak, Vice Chair FAS-N, Faculty
Robert Boikess SAS-NB, Faculty
Natalie Borisovets Libraries, Faculty
Martha Cotter At-Large NB, Faculty
Adrienne Esposito New Brunswick Staff
Ann Gould SEBS, Faculty, ex officio
Viktor Krapivin SAS-NB, Student
Artem Krutyansky RSDM, Student
M. Maral Mouradian RBHS At-Large, Faculty
Jane Otto Libraries, Faculty
Helen Pirrello Alumni Association
Karen Thompson PTL-NB, Faculty
Michael Van Stine GS-C, Student
Yuchung Wang GS-C, Faculty

Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee

Senator Constituency
Martha Cotter, Co-Chair At-Large New Brunswick
Matthew Winkler, Co-Chair New Brunswick Staff
Tuna Artun SAS-NB Faculty
Sanjib Bhuyan SEBS, Faculty
Robert Boikess SAS-NB, Faculty
Holly Chatham Alumni Association
Mary Chayko SCI, Faculty
Anthony Covington Student Charter Trustee
Babu Dasari CCAS, Faculty
Richard Drachtman RWJMS, Faculty
Cecile Feldman Dean, RSDM, Administration
Nathaniel Flores GS-NB, Student
Chon Goh SB-C, Faculty
Melike Gursoy Engineering, Faculty
Pheobe Haddon Camden Chancellor, Administration
Lynn Kuzma Associate Dean, UC-N Dean Designee, Administration
Kriste Lindenmeyer Dean, FAS-C, Administration
Josephine Marchetta Alumni Association
Christopher Markosian SAS-NB, Student
Veenat Parmar SPH, Student
Cathryn Potter Dean, SSW, Administration
Susan Salmond Nursing Dean, Administration
Asha Samant RSDM, Faculty
Engelbert Santana Newark Staff
Robert Schwartz NJMS, Faculty
Sue Shapses SEBS, Faculty
Gurpreet Singh PTL-N, Faculty
Ted Szatrowski At-Large Newark, Faculty
Suzanne Thornton GS-NB, Student
Karen Zurlo SSW, Faculty

Budget and Finance Committee

Senator Constituency
Menahem Spiegel, Chair RBS-N/NB, Faculty
Brandon Chandler, Co-Chair Camden Staff
Akeen Anaele RBS-NB, Student
Joseph Barbarese FAS-C, Faculty
Joseph Barone Dean, Pharmacy, Administration
Stephen Burley Other Units NB, Faculty
Thomas Calabrese NB Staff
Cleopatra Charles SPAA, Faculty
Avi Desai Engineering, Student
Kathy Dettloff VP Financial Planning/Budgeting, Administration
William Dreyer Alumni Association
Nancy Fagley - sabbatical Spring '17 GSAPPP, Faculty
Thomas Farris Dean, Engineering, Administration
William Fox New Brunswick Staff
Peter Gillett RBS:N/NB, Faculty
Todd Glover GSAPP, Faculty
Charles Heckscher SMLR, Faculty
David Hughes SAS-NB, Faculty
Tyrus Jackson SAS-NB, Student
Mustafa Jaffry SAS-NB, Student
Jennifer Joseph SHRP, Faculty
Mark Killingsworth At-Large NB, Faculty
Artem Krutyansky RSDM, Student
Lei Lei Dean, RBS:N/NB, Administration
Krisellen Maloney University Librarian, Administration
Ken McKeever SEBS, Faculty
Paul Miranti RBS:UNB, Faculty
William Norville Alumni Association
John Pintar RWJMS, Faculty
V. Hope Powell RBHS Staff
Monica Roth GS-NB, Faculty
Martha Soto RBHS At-Large, Faculty
Mark Wasserman SAS-NB, Faculty
Nancy Winterbauer VP Budgeting, Administration

Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee

Instruction Curricula and Advising Committee

Senator Constituency
Natalie Borisovets, Chair Libraries, Faculty
Wanda Blanchett GSE Dean, Administration
Molly Bradshaw Nursing, Faculty
Mary Bridgeman Pharmacy, Faculty
Daniel Bubb CCAS, Faculty
Sherri-Ann Butterfield FAS-N Faculty Dean, Administration
Nancy Cantor Newark Chancellor, Administration
Joseph Clark SAS-NB, Student
Ann Coiro SAS-NB, Faculty
Theresa Collins SAS-NB, Faculty
Barbara Cooper SAS-NB, Faculty
Samuel Cutler SAS-NB, Student
Diane Davis SEBS, Faculty
William Field SAS-NB, Faculty
Juliane Gross SAS-NB, Faculty
James Hayton SMLR Dean, Administration
Robert Johnson NJMS Dean, Administration
Senem Kaptan GS-NB, Student
Natalia Kouraeva PTL-NB, Faculty
Peter March SAS-NB Dean, Administration
Jorge Marcone SAS-NB, Faculty
Daijiro Okada SAS-NB, Faculty
Helen Pirrello Alumni Association
Jonathan Rozenburg CCAS, Student
Cecilia Salazar SAS-NB, Student
Joseph Schiavo Assoc. Dean, CCAS, Administration
Robert Scoloveno Nursing-C, Faculty
Julie Serrano SAS-NB, Student
Michael Shapiro NJMS, Faculty
Neil Sheflin SAS-NB, Faculty
George Stauffer Dean, MGSA, Administration
Barbara Thomson NB Staff

Research, and Graduate and Professional Education Committee

Senator Constituency
Jane Otto, Chair Libraries, Faculty
Rola Bekdash NCAS, Faculty
Kristin Dana Engineering, Faculty
Christina Diaz GSAPP, Student
Kyle Farmbry GS-N Acting Dean, Administration
Patricia Fitzgerald-Bocarsly NJMS, Faculty
Sherine Gabriel RWJMS Dean, Administration
Robert Goodman Dean, SEBS, Administration
Omanjana Goswami GS-N, Student
Barth Grant GS-NB, Faculty
William Holzemer Dean, Nursing, Administration
Eric Huselid GSBS, Student
John Joergensen Law-N, Faculty
Nattawan Junboonta GSE, Student
Michael Kelly RWJMS, Faculty
Jerome Kukor Dean, GS-NB, Administration
Adam Kustka UC-N, Faculty
Edmund Lattime RWJMS, Faculty
David Levy Law-C, Student
Jan Lewis Acting Dean, FAS-N, Administration
Carol Lutz GSBS, Faculty
Aria Mahtabfar RWJMS, Student
Monica Mazurek GS-NB, Faculty
Stuart Meck EJBSPPP, Faculty
Christopher Molloy SVP Research, ex officio
M. Maral Mouradian RBHS At-Large, Faculty
Judy Neubauer AVP Regulatory Affairs, ex officio
James Oleske Other Units-RBHS, Faculty
Karen O'Neill GS-NB, Faculty
Kishan Patel SEBS, Student
Pamela Rothpletz-Puglia SHRP, Faculty
Craig Scott GS-NB, Faculty
Katherine Stepleton SSW, Student
Van Stine, Michael CCAS, Student

Student Affairs Committee

Senator Constituency
Viktor Krapivin, Co-Chair SAS-NB, Student
Samuel Rabinowitz, Co-Chair SB-C, Faculty
Perumalsam Balaguru Engineering, Student
Vladimir Carrasco SAS-NB, Student
Augustus Chang RWJMS, Student
Ronald Chen Law-N Dean, Administration
Yun "Wayne" Chen RBS: Grad N/NB, Student
Francine Conway GSAPP Dean, Administration
Aneesh Deshpande RBS:UNB, Student
Joseph Dixon GS-NB, Faculty
Natasha Fletcher Camden Staff
Christopher Iannini GS-NB, Faculty
Sybil James Ombudsperson for Students
Antoinette Johnson RBHS Staff
Davon Johnson SAS-NB, Student
Myungkook Joo SSW, Faculty
Barbara Lee SVP Academic Affairs, Administration
Michael Martinez SEBS, Student
Sindu Parvathaneni RBS:Grad N/NB, Student
Rita Nasr RBS:N/NB, Student
Dhruvit Patel Engineering, Student
Kathleen Scotto GS-BS Dean, Administration
Natalie Settimo SAS-NB, Student
Kerry Sheehan NJMS, Student
Saanie Sulley SHRP, Student
Christopher Taillefer Law-N, Student
Jose Torres PTL-C, Faculty
Diksha Upakhyay SCI, Student
Chris Wakim SEBS, Student
Yuchung Wang -EC Liaison GS-C, Faculty

University Structure and Governance Committee

Senator Constituency
Jon Oliver, Co-Chair New Brunswick Staff
Robert Puhak, Co-Chair FAS-N, Faculty
Rodney Brunson SCJ Dean, Administration
Michael Cahill Law-C Dean, Administration
Sharon Collado-Garrido Engineering, Student
Perry Dane At-Large Camden, Faculty
Timothy DiVito Camden Staff
Wayne Eastman At-Large Newark, Faculty
David Edward Newark Staff
Adrienne Esposito NB Staff
Jaishankar Ganesh SB-C Dean, Administration
Jonathan Hart CCAS, Student
James Hughes EJBSPPP Dean, Administration
Edmund Janniger SPAA, Student
Gwendolyn Mahon SHRP Dean, Administration
Antonios Mammis NJMS, Faculty
Elizabeth Moran NJMS, Faculty
Claire O'Connell SHRP, Faculty
Tina Pappas New Brunswick Staff
Anish Patel EJBSPPP, Student
Alicia Rivera RBHS Staff
Taras Romanchuk Nursing-C, Student
Kathleen Scott SAS-NB, Faculty
Troy Shinbrot Engineering, Faculty
Kenneth Swalagin Senate Executive Secretary (Non-Senator)
Andrew Thomas NJMS, Faculty
Gregg Van Ryzin SPAA Interim Dean, Administration

University Senate