Text of September 1, 2001 Email sent by Monica Devanas, Director of Faculty Development and Assessment Programs at the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research
Related to the Senate Report and Recommendations on Hybrid Courses (see links in text below):

The Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research, together with the Office of Information Technology and the Division of Continuing Education and Outreach are partnering to provide faculty with a series of presentations, webinars, panels and discussions on the issues of teaching in an online environment.  Teaching online can be either in a “hybrid course” where some face-to-face classes are held or a “fully online course."

The University Senate passed a resolution last year, concluding that, “The hybrid format is a pedagogically valid mode of instruction that may appeal to many students. While its usage at Rutgers is likely to expand, the hybrid model should not be seen as something destined to replace all traditional face-to-face instruction.”

In his response to the University Senate’s recommendations, President McCormick urged “that units conduct careful evaluations of the effectiveness of hybrid courses in comparison to more traditional ones, and to examine in particular their use by students with different levels of preparation and academic qualifications.  It may very well be that hybrid courses are more effective when taken by some students than by others or when used to deliver certain kinds or levels of course material.” (http://senate.rutgers.edu/RLMAckS0806HybridCoursesAugust2010.html)

The discussion and web-based seminar will be held on September 16, 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm in the Busch Student Center, Room 174:

Teaching Online vs. F2F: 15 Differences That Affect Learning

Questions to be addressed include:

What are the main pedagogical challenges of teaching online?

Which differences are most significant in making the transition from face-to-face to online instruction?

 How can teaching online enhance face-to-face instruction and vice versa?

 How might this online seminar affect the way instructors view online teaching?

 To register, please visit http://taproject.rutgers.edu/register.php