Text of March 30, 2013 Email from Michael G. Bowen, Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics Chair

I've attached a copy of the 2013 COIA Steering Committee Report to the COIA membership. Please share this with your senates.
As of today, we are still waiting to hear from the NCAA on any next steps regarding the proposal we sent to the NCAA about this date last month. We hope that proposal is the beginning of some fruitful conversations about improving faculty voice not only in athletics matters but in the full governance of our universities. A copy of that proposal, and related documents, are a part of the 2013 report attached to this email.
Please let me know if you have any comments on the report, or if there are any campus athletics (or other) issues, that might affect many if not all of our universities, you would like COIA to put on this year's agenda. We see the remainder of 2013 as having the potential to bring important changes to our universities, and we can provide an excellent forum for discussing those matters.
Let us know.
Best regards,
Michael G. Bowen, Ph.D., COIA Chair
University of South Florida