From: Nick Jermer []
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 7:47 PM
To: [Ann Gould]
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Subject: NJPIRG Budget Shorthand

Greetings Ann,

As requested by certain members of the University Senate Executive
Committee, attached is a budget shorthand that provides the averages spent
each year. Could you pass this along to the Executive Committee?

A couple of variations to note over the last few years -

* Salary cost varies based on staff retention throughout the year.
* Our travel costs have gone up slightly because we decided to pay for
staff to get to their first training. In the past, our staff had to front
this cost themselves. Travel costs vary depending on where staff are coming
from (ie. if a new staff person is from California, it will cost
significantly more to get them to training then someone hired from
* In FY14 our Board of Directors voted to increase our Citizen
Outreach budget. We ran a massive education campaign in New Jersey where we
let students and citizens know how to file consumer complaints with the
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
* Our FY14 expenses were also higher because of Referendum costs
(hiring poll workers, paying for materials and independent contractors to
administer the referendum).

We don't anticipate large variations in cost in the next 3 years.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Executive Committee of the NJPIRG Students Board of Directors

Nick Jermer
Arielle Mizrahi
Randi Stafford
Kristi Collemacine
Jordan Kizmann