Staff Caucus Request to Senate Executive Committee
to Establish a Staff Affairs Committee of the University Senate

April 2007

The Staff Senators of the Rutgers University Senate, as agreed upon in the Staff Caucus, hereby request that the Senate Executive Committee charge the Senate's University Structure and Governance Committee with exploring the possibility of adding to the Senate's standing-committee structure a committee that would have primary responsibility for matters directly related to staff affairs, and with recommending changes to Senate Bylaws and Enabling University Regulations to involve the Senate in reviewing and advising the administration on revisions to, or new, policies affecting staff.

Background and Rationale:

Staff Senators have now appropriately been added to the membership of the Senate. In so doing, the Senate and Rutgers University community acknowledge the importance of the staff role in University operations. In turn, the staff and the Staff Senators recognize and acknowledge their responsibility to explore staff issues and make related recommendations to the Senate to improve staff operations and function, which in turn improve those same areas of University life in general. Recognizing responsibilities of the University Staff to implement and improve the effectiveness of University operations, we recommend to the EC that the Senate provide oversight and appropriate representation for our constituency.

Addition of this standing committee is appropriate because:

Submitted by the 2006-2007 Senate Staff Caucus members:
Gayle Stein (Caucus Convener and Senate Executive Committee Member)
Charlesetta Bynes
Crystal Grant
Betty McCoy-Carter
Patricia Nolfi
Jose Robinson
Daniel Schantz
Permelia Toney-Boss
Julie Traxler
Patrick Wallace