2018-19 University Senate Officers


                Peter Gillett, RBS:UNB, Faculty

Vice Chair

                Jon Oliver, New Brunswick Staff

Balance of the Executive Committee

Natalie Borisovets, Libraries, Faculty

Victoria Carvajal, Law-N, Student

Babu Dasari, UC-C, Faculty

William Field, SAS-NB, Faculty

Ann Gould, SEBS, Faculty

Michael Kelly, RWJMS, Faculty

James Oleske, RBHS –Centers & Institutes, Faculty

Jennie Owens, Alumni Association, Alumnus

Tina Pappas, New Brunswick Staff

Julieline Serrano, SAS-NB, Student

Karen Thompson, PTL - New Brunswick, Faculty

Michael Van Stine, GS-C, Student

Representatives to the Board of Governors

Samuel Rabinowitz, SB-C, Faculty

Nicole Lema, SAS-NB, Student

Peter Gillett, RBS:UNB, Faculty, ex officio

Representatives to the Board of Trustees

Mary Jo Bugel, RBHS At-Large, Faculty

Robert Schwartz, NJMS, Faculty

Ilce Perez, SAS-NB, Undergraduate Student

Nathan Honeycutt, SGS, Graduate Student