Text of Email from Peter Simmons to Ann Gould Re Disparity in Per-Student Spending:
I just sent you by e mail a copy of former Newark Provost/Chancellor (and currently history professor) Steve Diner's op-ed piece from the Star Ledger, April 11, 2013. It provides background to my request that the senate executive committee issue a charge to the budget & finance committee to investigate and report on the alleged significant disparity in total per student spending between Newark, Camden and N.B. [NB = $34,162; Newark = $18,275; Camden = 17,756]
This allegation is based on a hand-out distributed at the Newark town meeting conducted by President Barchi last Monday, April 8, 2013. The reported source of the numbers is the "IPEDS data base," based on information provided to the U.S. Department of Education by Rutgers.
At the town meeting, President Barchi responded that he knew nothing about these figures and that he would look into the matter and report his findings to those assembled. Further, President Barchi wondered if something like the difference in bus service expenses on the campuses might explain these figures. However, the quoted figures list per student instructional expenses as: NB = $15,092; Newark = $8,070; Camden = $3,202. I doubt that transportation expenses are included as instructional expenses.
Subsequently, the Star Ledger (or perhaps the NY Times) quoted a university spokesperson saying that Rutgers provided the "raw" data to the Department of Education and did not allocate expenses to the categories listed in the document cited.
I can FAX the document that was distributed at the town meeting if you send me your FAX number.
I believe that I speak for many Newark faculty, students and staff in requesting an independent examination of the allocation of funds, on a per student basis, by campus. I will leave open any possible action recommendations pending the result of the requested study. Let's start with the facts.
Thanks for your consideration.
Peter Simmons