Text of Email from Yuri Jadotte, Chair of the UMDNJ Student Senate, transmitting recommendations regarding structure of student government at the School of Biomedical and Health Sciences

Dear Mr. Ken Swalagin,
I am contacting you today on behalf of the UMDNJ Student Senate, the student governing body of UMDNJ. Having reviewed the policies of the Rutgers University Senate (RUS) and the law of the New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act, we submit the attached set of recommendations to you for consideration by RUS, perhaps with initial review provided by the University Structure and Governance Committee. It is my understanding that, as the Executive Secretary of RUS, you are the primary contact person for correspondence with RUS.
Our intent is for these to serve as a potential guide for RUS and RU as a whole with regards to the structure of student government at the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS). We strongly believe that having the policies included in this document in place will help RBHS and its students successfully integrate into and function well within Rutgers University.
I have cc-ed the Office of the UMDNJ Interim President Denise Rodgers, as well as the UMDNJ Student Senate Executive Council so they remain informed.
Please let me know how we can proceed with engaging RUS regarding these ideas. I look forward to your response.
Best regards,
Yuri T. Jadotte, MD
Chair (2013-2014), Student Senate at UMDNJ
Founding President, Alpha Epsilon Lambda Honor Society, Alpha Chi Chapter at UMDNJ
Assistant Director of Education, Northeast Institute for Evidence Synthesis and
Translation (NEST) at UMDNJ-School of Nursing
Assistant Professor of Evidence-Based Practice, Department of Capacity Building
Systems at UMDNJ-School of Nursing
PhD Student, Urban Health Systems, Joint UMDNJ/Rutgers/NJIT Program