Rutgers University Senate Committee on Instruction, Curricula and Advising

 Report on Student Advising Services

 Appendix D
 Statements of Advising Purposes, Definitions, Goals and/or Expectations

Cook College:
Students select courses and develop their academic program in close consultation with an academic advisor.  During the first year, students are assigned to an academic advisor as well as a student orientation ambassador.  In all subsequent years, students are advised by a faculty member in the curriculum of the student's choice. Advising notwithstanding, students must assume full responsibility for meeting all curriculum and college requirements and for being sure they (sic) the proper requirements for any course for which they register. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisers throughout the academic year.

The Advising System.

Douglass College:
Incoming students are assigned a faculty advisor in addition to an academic dean.  Their goal is to help each student design an academic program which will enable a student to explore her academic interests, begin her college requirements and select a major.  Once a major has been declared, departments provide advising on the major requirements, while the dean's staff continues to assist with selection and completion of college requirements.

Academic advising and support services.

Livingston College:

 The Core Values include: Livingston College Academic Advising Manual 2000-2001.

What is Academic Advising?
It is an interactive process, whereby you gain critical information you need to make the most important decisions in college, decisions affecting your academic major, career goals, elective course, internships, college policies, co-curricular activities and more.  You will benefit the most if you communicate openly and freely with your advisor about your needs, desires, skills and abilities.  Advising should be a highly personalized and a true out-of-classroom learning experience for both you and your advisor.

What is MY role in the Advising relationship?
Your first obligation is to keep in contact with your advisor by providing your e-mail address and telephone number.  Feel free to consult and share with your advisor any issue that may impact your ability to succeed in college...To create an interactive advising relationship, you will need to learn to advocate for yourself and see your role as a "customer" of Rutgers University.

Remember, your advisor will not know when you need help, only you do.  It will be your responsibility to take the first step and contact your advisor.

What is the role of my ADVISOR in the Advising relationship?
Your advisor will be your academic advisor for your entire first year at RU, both fall and spring semesters.  Your advisor is committed to your success in college and will make time to meet with you and assist you by helping you to:

Your advisor can become your mentor, but only if you play an active role in the development of your relationship with your advisor.

Your success in college is directly influenced by your ability to utilize the various forms of support and guidance at Livingston College and RU.

Remember your #1 source of assistance is your Academic Advisor.

Livingston College Academic Advising for the Class of 2006.

Rutgers College:
"The Office of Academic Services at Rutgers College provides general academic advising by faculty members selected from various disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and math/science areas...

"An Academic Advisor will:

 "An Academic Advisor will not: The Rutgers College Parent Handbook.
University College (New Brunswick)
Our staff is dedicated to providing support for the full range of student advising needs from initial registration, declaration of major, senior review and graduation, to problem solving and resource referrals...Each staff member is a generalist and can provide information and direction about all aspects of college life.  In addition, we recommend that students pursue advising about their major with a faculty member from their respective academic departments.

Academic Advising and Counseling.