Rutgers University Senate Bylaws Revision
order of resolutions to consider at Senate Meeting on 2/18/05

[NOTE:  Indicated page numbers referred to the printed version of the Bylaws Revision Report which was distributed at the 2/18/05 Senate meeting.]

For each of the bulleted points involving improving the influence and operations of the Senate, the associated resolutions/changes are listed.  Page numbers refer to the page numbers on the copy of the report that will be distributed at the Senate meeting.
[page 2, top] 2.2.1. A (7)  The term “staff” as used in paragraphs 2.2.1.B (1) (9) and 2.2.1 F  with respect to eligibility to vote and/or be elected to the Senate shall refer to full time employees of the university who are not faculty members as defined in 2.2.1.A (1), (5) or (6).

[page 2] 2.2.1. B. (1) RESOLUTION: AFTER “and section D,” ADD “ten representatives from among the staff,”

[page  3, bottom] 2.2.1 B. (9)   RESOLUTION:  Add the following paragraph: The ten staff representatives will be elected at-large from their respective campuses, with  five senators representing New Brunswick,  three  Senators representing Newark, and two Senators representing Camden.  Staff senators will serve for a term of two years starting on July 1.  When vacancies exist among these Senators, the new representatives will be elected to finish their term.
Note: the following three objectives all involve changes to the same paragraph describing the Executive committee and should be dealt with together:
[page 5] 2.2.1.F  RESOLUTION: Modify paragraph 2.2.1.F as follows:
There shall be an Executive Committee of the Senate consisting of the chairperson, vice chairperson, five faculty members, three student members, one part-time lecturer/annual representative, one staff representative, and one alumni member.  All members of the Executive Committee must be voting Senators. One faculty representative shall be elected from each campus with the additional members elected at large. One student representative shall be elected from each campus.  The immediate past chairperson of the Senate shall become an additional member of the Executive Committee, with vote, for one year following his/her chairpersonship. Members of the Executive Committee shall assume office on July 1, following the date of their election, and shall serve for a period of one year. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of the Senate and its committees, exercising such powers as the Senate may delegate to it and acting on its behalf between meetings of the Senate. At least one representative from each major campus (Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick) shall be elected to serve on the Executive Committee. If the Executive Committee deems a member to be excessively absent from its meetings, it may request that member's resignation or recall from the Executive Committee. Vacancies on the Executive Committee shall be filled by the Executive Committee nominating a replacement, which shall be voted upon by the Senate at its next meeting. Other nominations may be made from the floor at that time.

[page 2] 2.2.1 B (1), add a final sentence to read: "The immediate past chairperson of the University Senate, if not already serving as an elected Senator, shall remain a voting senator for one further year."
[page 6] 2.2.2 A. RESOLUTION: After discussion the committee adopted the language AFTER the word “academic” that reads: “and non-academic matters pertaining to the mission of the University.”  The  committee did feel that the use of technology and many other matters make this prudent and necessary.
[page 3] 2.2.1 B (8) RESOLUTION:  Revise the wording above that comes AFTER “which are included in paragraph B (1) for voting membership in the Senate," to read “the President of the University, in consultation with the individual holding multiple titles in the unit, may designate another administrative member of that unit to serve in lieu of the affected positions…”
[page 2] 2.2.1 B. (3) Resolution:  SAME RESOLUTION AS ABOVE only ADD to language above. “Each campus shall have the option of conducting elections of at-large Senators through action of its respective campus-wide faculty body/group (e.g., New Brunswick Faculty Council, Newark Faculty Council) in lieu of campus-wide elections."

[page 4] 2.2.1 C. (1) RESOLUTION: Change the last sentence in (1) to: “In addition, each of the three geographic campuses shall be represented by three senators-at-large and one senator from each geographic campus representing part-time lecturers and annuals.”
[page 5] 2.2.1 E. (1) RESOLUTION:  REMOVE  “At least one of  these  officers shall be a member of one of  the schools, colleges or  faculties in Newark or Camden.”

The recommendations that involve technical updating or correcting the bylaws do the following:

[page 1] 2.2.1 A. Resolution:  ADD the word “lecturers” after “instructor” and after “equivalent academic ranks.” ADD “, as defined in Book 3.3.2 A and B” of the University Regulations.  ADD an “s” after faculty member in the first part of (1)   
[page 3] 2.2.1 B (7).  RESOLUTION: ADD “matriculated” after “All” and cut “who are candidates for a degree”.
[page 1] 2.2.1 A. (5) The term “part-time lecturers” as used in paragraphs B(5) and C(1) with respect to eligibility to vote for a representative and/or to be elected to the Senate shall refer to  lecturers hired on a semester/course basis. All part-time lecturers employed by the university at the time of the election are eligible to vote in their respective campus elections.  Those who have taught at the University for at least three semesters during the last three calendar years are eligible to serve.   

[page 1] 2.2.1. A. (6) The term “annuals” as used in paragraphs B(5) and C(1) with respect to eligibility to vote for a representative and/or to be elected to the Senate shall refer to non-tenure track faculty hired for a calendar or academic year.

[page 2] 2.2.1. B. (3) Resolution: Add at the end of (3): “When representatives are elected at-large for a campus, the elections shall be conducted by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (in New Brunswick), and provosts’ offices in Newark and Camden.
Note: The change from “University Vice-President for Academic Affairs” to “Executive Vice-President for Academic Affairs” was not made in the annotated version, and will be corrected.
[page 3] 2.2.1 B. (5) RESOLUTION: Add the following language at the end of (5):  “Senators representing part-time lecturers and annuals shall be elected annually by vote of part-time lecturers and annuals.  The term of part-time lecturer/annual representatives will be for a period of one year and will begin on July 1.”
[page 2] 2.2.1 B (1) RESOLUTION:  Change University Vice-President for Academic Affairs to Executive Vice-President for Academic Affairs. In the original wording of (1) add “also” between “named by the President shall” and “be voting members”

[page 5] 2.2.1 C. (6) RESOLUTION: ADD  after “Office of” the words “Institutional Research and”
REMOVE THE WORDS “and Program Development”
REMOVE “Division of Continuing Education”
ADD “Office of Continuous Education and Outreach”
[page 4] 2.2.1 C (3) RESOLUTION 1: Remove the last sentence of the paragraph.

[page 4] 2.2.1 C (2) AFTER “professional college or school” ADD "(except those listed in (3) below)"

[page 4] 2.2.1 C (3) the committee made many changes as follows:

REMOVE the word “for” after “Faculty representation”
ADD “in units that share faculty”
REMOVE  “the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy”
REMOVE “The provisions of this paragraph are to be reviewed after three years of application.”
ADD a “(” before “Faculty of Arts and Sciences” and ADD a “)” after “University College – Camden.”