Text of E-mail from Chairperson Cotter to Executive Committee, sent October 19, 2004, regarding the Constituency Research Project Final Report:

The Constituency Project Report is now available online at http://www.president.rutgers.edu/constituency_research.pdf.

In response to the findings of this report, President McCormick has promised a "comprehensive communications campaign" later in this academic year.  I feel strongly that the Senate should play a substantive role in formulating this campaign and in recommending priorities in dealing with serious issues raised by the report.  As Chair of the Senate, I am a member of the Communications Advisory Committee and a (non-voting) member of the BOG University Relations Committee.  I want to represent the Senate on these committees as they deal with these issues.  So I ask you all to read the report carefully and think about possible charges to Senate Committees dealing with various issues raised by it.