January 9, 2009

MEMBERS PRESENT: Bodnar, Borisovets, Gould, Greaux, Greenhut, Leath, Panayotatos, Pignatiello (conference call), Rabinowitz (Chair), Swalagin (Executive Secretary), Thompson

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Bubb, McArdle, Nolfi

ALSO ATTENDING: Blimling (Vice President for Student Affairs), Cotter (Faculty BOG Representative), Furmanski (Administrative Liaison)

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, January 9, 2009 at 1:10 p.m. in the Executive Board Room of Administrative Services Building-III, Cook Campus.

1. Chairperson’s Report 

Senate and Executive Committee Chairperson Samuel Rabinowitz called the meeting to order at 1:14 p.m. He wished everyone a good new year, and welcomed everyone back.

2.    Executive Secretary’s Report
Agenda:  The meeting agenda was approved as distributed by the executive secretary.

Minutes: The November 7, 2008 Senate Executive Committee Meeting Minutes were approved as distributed by the executive secretary.

3.    Administrative Report

President McCormick was unable to attend the meeting. Executive Vice President Furmanski presented an administrative report which included comments on:
Furmanski then responded to questions, or heard comments from the Executive Committee, on topics including:
Referendum Guidelines Follow-Up Discussion: Gregory Blimling, Vice President for Student Affairs, had been invited to speak to the Executive Committee regarding the recent Senate recommendations on funding for special student organizations, and, in particular, Targum's response to the recommended revised referendum guidelines adopted by the Senate and forwarded to President McCormick. Considerable time was devoted to this comprehensive discussion of funding for special student organizations, The Daily Targum and NJPIRG Student Chapters, finances and business practices of those special student groups, policies for funding special student organizations at other universities, possible administrative action in response to the Senate's recommendations, plans for continued dialog between Targum and the administration, Senate practices and its handling of the discussion of the referendum guidelines at the November 2008 meeting, legal considerations, the need for neutrality in assessing educational value among various special student organizations, and other aspects of the issue. A proposal on the subject may be forthcoming from the administration for continued Senate consideration.

4.    Standing Committees

Discussion of Administrative Follow-Up on Senate ActionsExecutive Committee liaisons to standing committees had been asked in November to review the list of recent Senate reports, and to submit their prioritized lists of items from their committees on which they would like the administration to update the Executive Committee and Senate regarding actions taken toward implementation. The Executive Committee and those standing-committee liaisons who were present (or who had sent their items to Secretary Swalagin) itemized Senate reports and recommendations for the first such round of administrative follow-up. [Note: The list was later transmitted to Executive Vice President Furmanski and President McCormick by Secretary Swalagin.] Furmanski said the administration would send responses in writing so they could be docketed on Executive Committee and/or Senate agendas.

Proposed Charges/Issues:

Proposed Charge to Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee (FPAC): A Proposed Charge to Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee, submitted by Senator Eric Allender, on changes made to the 2008-09 Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions, was discussed. Secretary Swalagin was instructed to draft a charge on this item and issue it to the FPAC with a response deadline of October 2009.

5.    January 23, 2009 University Senate Agenda: In addition to the New Brunswick Campus Report, Vice President of Public Affairs Jeannine LaRue will be asked to update the Senate on legislative activities in Trenton and Washington, DC.

6.    Old Business: Ken Swalagin asked EVP Furmanski if he had received a response from Parking and Transportation Services about continued use of employees' Social Security numbers as parking-permit identifiers. Furmanski said he had received a response, and would forward it.

7.    New Business: There was no new business

8.    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Ken Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate