February 4, 2005

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Barone, Borisovets, Cotter (Chair), Curry, Darien, DiVito, Panayotatos (Immediate Vice Chair), Rabinowitz (Vice Chair), Swalagin (Executive Secretary)

EXCUSED: Blasi, Hirsh

ALSO ATTENDING:  Adam (Newark Faculty Liaison), Furmanski (Administrative Liaison), Leath (Faculty BOG Representative), McCormick (Administrative Liaison), Miller (New Brunswick Faculty Council Liaison)

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, February 4, 2005 at 1:10 p.m. in the Cap and Skull Room, Rutgers Student Center, College Avenue Campus. 

1.    Chairperson’s Report

Chairperson Cotter’s report included comments on the following: 2.    Secretary's Report

Minutes:  The Minutes of the January 7, 2005 Executive Committee meeting were approved.

Communications:  The following communications were presented by Secretary Swalagin, and acted upon as noted:
3.    Administrative Report

Executive Vice President Furmanski delivered the administrative report, which included comments on:
Executive Vice President Furmanski then responded to questions regarding:
4.    Standing Committee Reports and Charges

Student Affairs Committee Nominations for Student Charter Trustee:  The Executive Committee reviewed the list of nominations for the Student Charter Trustee 2005 vacancy, which the Student Affairs Committee had agreed to forward to the Board of Trustees.  The nominees were:
A fifth nominee, Joy Boyo, submitted by the Newark College of Arts and Sciences Student Governing Association, was ruled ineligible by the Student Affairs Committee.  Senator Darien and Secretary Swalagin commented on the Student Affairs Committee process for, and discussions of, this action, including concerns regarding the six-year term length, its spanning of the period during the transition from student life to the beginning of a career and/or graduate school, and the requirement that some Student Charter Trustees be from Newark or Camden.

Proposed Charge to Budget and Finance Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics Fees:
  The Executive Committee considered the following proposed charge to the Budget and Finance Committee (B&FC), which was submitted by Senator Adam Cooper:
Examine the Intercollegiate Athletics fee paid by all Rutgers-New Brunswick undergraduates.  Determine whether this money is used only for varsity sports, as is intended, or if this money is also sometimes used for revenue-generating sports (for which this fee money is not intended).  Also, review the amount of student fee dollars used to fund club sports at Rutgers, and consider the disparity between the fee amounts.  Recommend best practices for the appropriate use of this fee money in light of these findings.  Respond to Senate Committee by March 24, 2005
Senator Borisovets noted that inclusion of “New Brunswick undergraduates” in the proposed charge made this a campus issue, and was therefore not appropriate for a Senate committee as drafted.  Senator DiVito suggested looking at all fees, and how they are used.  President McCormick agreed with that suggestion, and said that he has asked Vice President for Student Affairs Blimling to draft a process for fee review and consultation with students, which he has shared with student governing association leaders.  Senator DiVito will draft a charge to be brought to the next Executive Committee session.  Secretary Swalagin will inform Senator Cooper that the Executive Committee is broadening the charge, and will act soon.

Proposed Charge to Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee on Faculty Retirement Incentives:
  The Executive Committee issued to the Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee (FA&PC) the following charge proposed by Senator Panayotatos, co-chair of the FA&PC:
Evaluate the desirability and feasibility of faculty retirement incentives, in particular of phased retirement plans such as the one that was being negotiated by the new Brunswick Faculty Council and the Lawrence administration in the mid-1990s and the one recently proposed by the AAUP under their Proposal for a Faculty Retirement Transition and Renewal Program.  Report to Senate Executive Committee by May 2005.
Charge Deadline Extension:  FA&PC Co-chair Panayotatos requested and was granted an extension of the deadline on Charge A-0410 on Clinical Professorships to May 2005.  Senator Panayotatos explained that the FA&PC wants to speak with deans of units which currently have clinical faculty, as well as those which have recently requested clinical faculty.

Proposed Charge to University Structure and Governance Committee (US&GC) on Faculty- and Student-Caucus-Based Election of Board Representatives:  The following charge, proposed by Senator Hoekzema, was issued to the US&GC:
Consider the suggestion that faculty and student board representatives be elected by their respective caucuses of the Senate, rather than by the full Senate, as proposed in Senator Hoekzema’s Draft Resolution Supporting Caucus-Based Elections.  Solicit input from the Student Affairs Committee before making final recommendations on this charge.  Respond to the Senate Executive Committee by March 24, 2005.
Senator Blasi, co-chair of the US&GC, said that he has invited Senator Hoekzema to present his proposal to the US&GC, and has also asked the Student Affairs Committee for input on this issue.

5.    February 18, 2005 University Senate Meeting Agenda

President McCormick agreed to provide funds for the bus and lunch for the February 18, 2005 Senate meeting in Newark.  The following items were docketed for that University Senate meeting agenda:
The Executive Committee requested, and President McCormick agreed, that the Senate Bylaws Review be the first item of business on the Senate’s February agenda.  Time limits of ten minutes each were set for questions and answers following the Newark Campus Report and the Administrative Report.

6.    Old Business

There was no Old Business.

7.    New Business

Chairperson Cotter noted a recent Home News Tribune article on the cost of textbooks, as well as a letter she had received requesting that the Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee (IC&AC) be charged with reviewing that issue.  Chairperson Cotter will draft a charge to be issued to the IC&AC.  Senator Miller, who is also chair of the New Brunswick Faculty Council (NBFC), said that student Senator Curtis had asked that the NBFC explore this issue, and that Senator Curtis will give a five-minute presentation on the subject at an upcoming NBFC meeting.

Senator DiVito suggested that the Senate institute a procedure through which Senators with unsatisfactory attendance at Senate and committee meetings could be removed.  Senator Curry suggested that the Senate’s quorum requirement of one-third of the roster be changed to the average of the previous five meetings.  It was suggested that Senators DiVito and Curry forward their suggestions to the University Structure and Governance Committee for consideration during the ongoing review of the Senate Handbook.

8.    Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 2:58 p.m. by Chairperson Cotter.

Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the Senate