June 5, 2009

MEMBERS PRESENT: Borisovets, Bodnar, Gould, Greaux, Greenhut, Leath, McArdle, Nolfi, Rabinowitz (Chair), Swalagin (Executive Secretary), Thompson

2009-2010 MEMBERS-ELECT PRESENT: Gillett, Levine, Wild

MEMBERS EXCUSED:  Bubb, Panayotatos, Pignatiello

ALSO ATTENDING: Cotter (Faculty BOG Representative), Fehn (Administrative Liaison), Furmanski (Administrative Liaison), Kaplan (Undergraduate Student BOT Representative), McCormick (Administrative Liaison)

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, June 5, 2009 at 1:10 p.m. in the Executive Board Room of Administrative Services Building-III, Cook Campus.

1. Chairperson’s Report 

Senate and Executive Committee Chairperson Samuel Rabinowitz called the meeting to order at 1:22 p.m. He welcomed all present, and asked everyone to introduce themselves.

2.    Executive Secretary’s Report
Agenda:  The meeting agenda was approved as distributed by the executive secretary.

Minutes: The April 17, 2009 Senate Executive Committee Meeting Minutes were then approved as distributed. The May 1, 2009 University Senate Meeting Minutes were approved by the Executive Committee. [Note: The Executive Committee approves the last 2008-2009 Senate Minutes on behalf of the Senate because that Senate does not meet again.] 

Other Items from the Secretary:

Part-Time Lecturer and Annual-Appointee Faculty Senator Term Limits and Election:Executive Secretary Ken Swalagin said that the election of PTL/AA Senators had not yet been conducted pending the November Senate action on extending the term length for that constituency. He proposed that the Executive Committee extend the incumbent PTL/AA faculty's Senate terms until the Senate acts on the matter in November. The committee adopted the proposal. PTL Senator Karen Thompson expressed concern about serving in the absence of an election, and suggested that a charge be issued on how to best conduct PTL/AA elections. Senator Peter Gillett said that there have been discussions about the need for a centrally administered Senate election system that could also be used in other units, and that would be made available to the university community. Senator Paul Leath suggested that the central administration should conduct the PTL/AA elections, and Senator Phil Furmanski said they would try. The process of, and responsibility for, staff Senator elections were also discussed. Chairperson Rabinowitz asked Senator Tricia Nolfi to speak with Vivian Fernandez, newly appointed Vice President for Faculty and Staff Resources, about how the elections could be conducted.

Change in Executive Committee Membership: Swalagin told the committee that Senator Paul Barnett, who was elected Camden Student Member of the Executive Committee in May, resigned the position shortly after the election. Barnett was the sole nominee for the position. Barnett requested that he be allowed to relinquish his position to Daniel McArdle, the 2008-09 incumbent. The Executive Committee appointed Senator McArdle to the position until an election can be held in October.

2009-2010 Senate Parliamentarian: Swalagin told the committee that student Senator Nat Schaffner had asked to be considered for appointment as Senate parliamentarian for the 2009-10 Senate. Incumbent Parliamentarian Ryan Cooke endorsed the appointment. Senator Bodnar moved the appointment, and Senator Greaux seconded, whereupon the Executive Committee appointed Senator Schaffner to the position for the upcoming academic year.

Communications: The following communications were presented by the secretary, and noted by the committee: 3.    Administrative Report

President McCormick and Executive Vice President Furmanski presented an administrative report which included comments on:
4.    Standing Committees

Selection/Nomination of Standing Committee Chairs: Committee rosters for 2008-09 and of continuing committee members for 2009-10 were distributed in hardcopy at the meeting, and chairs were suggested, nominated or assigned. Swalagin will compile committee rosters for 2009-10 over the summer, and finalize them early in the fall semester, prior to the first Executive Committee meeting. It was also noted that the Vice President for Faculty and Staff Resources is an ex officio member of the Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee, and that the Vice President for Research and Graduate and Professional Education is ex officio on the Research and Graduate and Professional Education Committee.

Proposed Charge to USGC on Standing Charge Revision: Senator Justine Hernandez Levine requested that a charge be issued to the University Structure and Governance Committee to consider adding an undergraduate research component to the standing charge of the Research and Graduate and Professional Education Committee. Swalagin will draft the charge and docket it on the September Executive Committee agenda.

Proposed Charge to ASRAC to Replace Charge S-0809, on Implementation of Interim Academic Integrity Policy: Senator Martha Cotter requested a new charge to the Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee (which she co-chairs) to keep that committee involved in the development and implementation of the Academic Integrity Policy. A draft charge was discussed, but it was agreed that Cotter and Swalagin would revise it for Executive Committee action in September. The charge will include a request for a status update on the Academic Integrity Policy by April 2010.

Review/Continuation of
Current Pending Charges: Specific charges listed as pending in Senate committees were reviewed and updated.

Proposed Charge to USGC on PTL Representation in the Senate: Senator Thompson renewed her request that a charge be issued to the University Structure and Governance Committee to examine the Senate-representation policy for PTLs, and consider whether the PTLs are adequately represented. Thompson had not drafted a charge, but Senator Nolfi and Secretary Swalagin will draft one to bring to the Executive Committee in September.

Discussion of Additional Issues for 2009-2010 Senate/Committee Consideration: Other issues for possible consideration or action by the 2009-2010 were discussed, including:
5.    Old Business

There was no old business.

6.    New Business

There was no new business.

7.    Adjournment 

The meeting adjourned at 3:39 p.m.

Ken Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate