September 30, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Boikess, Borisovets, Cotter, Gillett (Chair), Krapivin, Otto, Pirrello, Puhak, Thompson

MEMBERS EXCUSED:    Boikess, Cotter, Esposito, Gould, Krutyansky, Mouradian, Van Stine, Wang

ALSO ATTENDING:  Anaele (Undergraduate Student Representative to the Board of Trustees), B. Lee (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs), A. Patel (Student Representative to Board of Governors), S. Rabinowitz (Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors), Samant (Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees), Swalagin (Executive Secretary)

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, September 30, 2016 at 1:10 p.m. in Executive Conference Room of ASB-III on the Cook Campus.

1.    Chair’s Report  - Peter Gillett, Senate Chair

Senate and Executive Committee Chair Peter Gillett called the meeting to order at 1:17 p.m. He reiterated his goal of starting meetings on time. He also spoke about:
[Jane Otto joined the meeting at 1:23 p.m.]

2.    Secretary’s Report
- Ken Swalagin, Executive Secretary of the Senate
[Anish Patel and Akeen Anaele joined the meeting at 1:27 p.m.]

3.    Administrative Liaison

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Barbara Lee presented an administrative report, which included comments on:
Lee then responded to questions, or heard comments on the above subjects.

4.    Standing Committees


Student Affairs Committee (SAC) Response to Charge S-1305-2 on Smoke-Free Rutgers - Viktor Krapivin and Samuel Rabinowitz, SAC Co-chairs

SAC Co-chair Viktor Krapivin summarized his committee's report on Charge S-1305-2, on Smoke-Free Rutgers. The SAC had been charged as follows: "Examine the desirability, feasibility, impact and means of evolving into a smoke-free Rutgers." The report was discussed at some length, and concerns were expressed about the absence of a resolution, as well as whether the report fully responded to the charge. Following discussion, Krapivin withdrew the report, and said he would bring it back revised for the next Executive Committee meeting.

Student Affairs Committee (SAC) Response to Charge S-1401 on Taking Courses on Other Campuses/Intercampus Equivalency - Viktor Krapivin and Samuel Rabinowitz, SAC Co-chairs

SAC Co-chair Viktor Krapivin summarized his committee's report on Charge S-1401, on Taking Courses on Other Campuses/Intercampus Equivalency. The SAC was charged as follows: "Examine obstacles preventing students from accessing educational resources located on other Rutgers campuses. If deemed appropriate, recommend policy and process changes that would promote growth of inter-campus collaboration. Refer to the Student Caucus proposal for this charge when deliberating. Identify issues to be further considered by the Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee, if necessary." The report was discussed, and a minor change made to one of the recommendations. The report was then docketed for action at the upcoming Senate meeting.

Standing Committees' Responses to Proposal to Form School of Graduate Studies - All Standing Committees

All standing committees had been asked to respond with questions/comments regarding the proposal to form a new School of Graduate Studies in New Brunswick. Those questions were reviewed and discussed by the Executive Committee, which discussed how to proceed, and decided that Swalagin would send the questions to Deans Scotto and Kukor as they had been presented by individual committees, and ask for responses that could be sent to the Senate's standing committees for discussion at their next meetings. [Note: The questions were extensive and complex. Deans Scotto and Kukor subsequently asked for more time to respond. Swalagin informed the standing committee chairs that responses should be available in November.]


Selection of Members of University Commencement Panel (UCP) - The Executive Committee assigned members of the UCP, which is composed of members with representation from each unit (R-C, R-N, R-NB, RBHS), as follows:
a. Executive Secretary of the Senate (non-voting) - Ken Swalagin
b. Vice Chair of the Senate (chairs the UCP) - Robert Puhak
c. Four Faculty Senators, with each of the following groups being represented:
- tenure-track
- non-tenure-track
- part-time lecturers
d. One Staff Senator
e. One Alumni Senator
f. Two Student Senators

[Note: It was later determined that too many members had been assigned to the panel, and the Executive Committee approved by email vote a modified, reduced panel roster.]


Proposed Charge to Budget and Finance Committee (BFC) on Tuition Freeze for Academic Year 2017-18 - Submitted by Student Senator Vladimir Carrasco

A proposed charge on AY 2017-18 Tuition Freeze was discussed, along with the following, accompanying rationale: "The staggering cost of higher education is an unnecessary burden on students, a cost which increases each year and this year increased by 1.7%. The Budget and Finance Committee should explore methods to abate the burden on students and the ability of the University to afford it." A charge  was issued to the Budget and Finance Committee as follows:

Examine the feasibility and desirability of a tuition freeze. Explore and suggest methods to abate the burden on students, and the ability of the University to afford it. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by March 27, 2017.

Question Regarding Senators Sending Delegates to Standing Committees - Jane Otto, Research, and Graduate and Professional Education Committee (RGPEC) Chair, asked whether Senators can send delegates to attend standing-committee meetings in their place, or as substitutes. Gillett said committee chairs can appoint members to their committees when their expertise would be beneficial to the committee's work, especially on a particular, pending charge. Those appointed would become voting members of the committee, even if they are not Senators. There was also discussion of whether standing committees can hold open meetings, and it was determined that, although guests can be invited ad hoc, committee meetings are closed by default.

5.    Old Business

Proposed Charge to Committee on Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources - A proposed charge had been drafted by Staff Senator Adrienne Esposito, on behalf of the Executive Committee, following the Executive Committee's September 9 discussion of the Updated University Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources. The draft charge was discussed, but the Executive Committee preferred to revise the charge, which was later circulated to the Executive Committee and approved, and then issued, as follows:

Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources: Examine the existing Rutgers University Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources. In particular, review Section 5.B.6 on the requirement that University business be conducted using defined software and applications (considering the scope of "University business"), and Section 5.C on Privacy, with regard to access by technicians and University administrators to electronic records (especially the scope of 5.C.5 and the need of the University to carry on its normal operations).  Respond to Senate Executive Committee by December 23, 2016.

Ad Hoc Committee on Sale of Alcohol in Stadiums - The Executive Committee had previously decided that this committee would begin its work when the Ad Hoc Committee on Webstreaming Senate Meetings completes its work. The Ad Hoc Committee on Webstreaming Senate Meetings has not yet submitted a final report. When it does submit a report, this item will come back to the Executive Committee.

Discussion of Code of Student Conduct and Alcohol and Drug Policies [See Secretary's Communications, above], as related to Charge S-1611 to Student Affairs Committee (SAC) on Examination of University Policy on Student Use of Drugs and Alcohol. This matter was discussed relative to information sent by Felicia McGinty, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, regarding recent proposed changes to the University Code of Student Conduct and the Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs. Viktor Krapivin, Co-chair of the SAC, said he will invite McGinty and other administrators who are in charge of the Code of Student Conduct and residence life to SAC meetings at which the SAC's charge on this issue will be discussed. 

6.    New Business

There was no new business.

7.    University Senate Agenda

The October 14, 2016 Senate Meeting agenda was discussed, and will include:
8.    Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 4:34 p.m.

Minutes written and submitted by,

Ken Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate