Executive Committee
January 7, 2005 - 1:10 p.m.

1.  Chairperson’s Report

2.  Secretary’s Report

•    Executive Committee Minutes of November 5, 2004  

•    Communications:
3.  Administrative Liaison

•    Administrative Report

4.  Standing Committee Reports and Potential Charges

•    Request for Charge Deadline Extension:  The University Structure and Governance Committee request that the deadline on Charge S-0409 (Consider adding specific responsibility for graduate and professional education issues to the Senate’s committee structure) be extended from February to March 24, 2005.

•    Potential Charge to Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee:  Proposed charge:  Consider the Draft Resolution to Endorse the American Association of University Professors’ policy statement “Contingent Appointments and the Academic Profession” and to Recognize the AAUP’s continuing efforts to protect the academic profession, including those members of the profession with contingent appointments.  Make recommendations regarding appropriateness for adoption by the Rutgers University Senate, and/or modifications to be made before full-Senate consideration.  Respond to Senate Executive Committee by February 18, 2005.  The resolution accompanied an e-mail from Karen Thompson, Staff Representative, Part-time Chapter of the Rutgers Council of AAUP Chapters.

•    Potential Charge to Committee on University Structure and Governance Committee Resolution on Facilitating Senate Participation in Committee Meetings Through The Use of Modern Teleconference Technology:  The USGC had passed by consensus and submitted to the Executive Committee the following resolution:  “We believe that the University needs a reliable and stable video and telephone conferencing system in order to facilitate the participation of Senators from multiple campuses in Senate business.  The preponderance of meetings in New Brunswick is a powerful disincentive for participation from members on the Newark and Camden campuses.  The Route 18 construction will exacerbate this problem and heighten the need.  These barriers create a situation where an inordinate amount of time must be spent getting to Senate meetings.  We would like to request that Chuck Hedrick look into this and report back to the Senate.  The use of this technology in the committee’s meeting on October 19th illustrates the usefulness of the idea and its possible payoff.”  Secretary Swalagin was instructed to draft a charge on this resolution for the January 2005 Executive Committee meeting, at which a committee will be selected to receive the charge.  Proposed charge:  Review the resolution on facilitating Senate participation through teleconference technology, and make recommendations and/or additions as appropriate.  Report to Senate Executive Committee by February 11, 2005. 

•    Potential Charge to Equal Opportunity Committee proposed by Senator Adam Cooper on FAIR v. Rumsfeld.  Proposed charge: Draft a recommendation on how the university should respond to the November 29, 2004 decision of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the case of FAIR v. Rumsfeld.  Consider the issue in light of University Senate resolution on FAIR v. Rumsfeld, and to Implement Fully Rutgers University Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, adopted February 2004. View President McCormick's response to the Senate's resolution on FAIR v. Rumsfeld.

•    Potential Charge to Committee regarding Senator Adam Cooper's Resolution in Opposition to the Nomination of George Zoffinger to the Rutgers University Board of Governors:  The resolution introduced by Senator Cooper on the Senate floor in October, and which was docketed for potential charging to committee at this meeting, was tabled by the Executive Committee in November 2004 until the January 2005 Executive Committee meeting.  Mr. Zoffinger was appointed to the Board of Governors December 13, 2004, and has resigned his position as Devco chair (but remains on Devco’s board), per a Home News Tribune article.

5.  January 21, 2005 University Senate Meeting Agenda

•    New Brunswick Campus Report -  Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Philip Furmanski
•    University Structure and Governance Committee Response to Charges S-0324, Senate Bylaws Review, and Charge S-0320, Election Procedures for At-Large and PTL/Annual Appointee Senators

6.  Old Business

•   Follow-up on the Senate's October 2000 report on Use of Social Security Numbers as Student Identification Numbers:  At its October 1, 2004 meeting, the Executive Committee asked Secretary Swalagin to write to President McCormick forwarding the Senate report on use of Social Security numbers as student identification numbers in anticipation of a review of progress made on this issue at this meeting.  The memo sent to President McCormick notes that the Executive Committee will review the response of Mike McKay, Vice President for Information Technology, to Senator Scott's request for an update, and that the Executive Committee may request an administrative update on the issue at a subsequent meeting.

7.  New Business

8.  Adjournment