Executive Committee
February 4, 2005 - 1:10 p.m.

1.  Chairperson’s Report

2.  Secretary’s Report

•    Executive Committee Minutes of January 7, 2005  

•    Communications:
3.  Administrative Liaison

•    Administrative Report

4.  Standing Committee Reports and Potential Charges

•    Student Affairs Committee Nominations for Student Charter Trustee:  The Student Affairs Committee has agreed to forward to the Board of Trustees the following nominations for the Student Charter Trustee 2006 vacancy:
A fifth nominee (Joy Boyo, submitted by the Newark College of Arts & Sciences Student Governing Association) was ruled ineligible because Ms. Boyo is currently a junior, which conflicts with the board's requirement that the nominees be juniors on July 1, 2005.  [NOTE:  No action is required by the Executive Committee or Senate on this item.  The Student Affairs Committee is responsible for review and recommendations of nominees.  Secretary Swalagin will forward the list of nominees directly to Leslie Fehrenbach, Secretary to the Boards of Governors and Trustees.]

•    Potential Charge to Budget & Finance Committee:  Proposed charge:  Examine the Intercollegiate Athletics fee paid by all Rutgers-New Brunswick undergraduates. Determine whether this money is used only for varsity sports, as is intended, or if this money is also sometimes used for revenue-generating sports (for which this fee money is not intended.) Also, review the amount of student fee dollars used to fund club sports at Rutgers, and consider the disparity between the fee amounts. Recommend best practices for the appropriate use of this fee money in light of these findings.  Respond to Senate Executive Committee by March 24, 2005.  The proposed charge was included and explained in an e-mail from Senator Adam Cooper.

•    Requested Charge to Faculty Affairs & Personnel Committee:  Proposed charge:  Evaluate the desirability and feasibility of faculty retirement incentives, in particular of phased retirement plans such as the one that was being negotiated by the New Brunswick Faculty Council and the Lawrence administration in the mid-1990s and the one recently proposed by the AAUP under their Proposal for a Faculty Retirement Transition and Renewal Program. Report to Senate Executive Committee by May 2005.  This charge comes from the Faculty Affairs & Personnel Committee via Co-Chair Paul Panayotatos.

•    Potential Charge to University Structure & Governance Committee (USGC):   Proposed charge:   Consider the suggestion that faculty and student board representatives be elected by their respective caucuses of the Senate, rather than by the full Senate, as proposed in Senator Hoekzema's Draft Resolution Supporting Caucus-Based Elections.  Solicit input from the Student Affairs Committee before making final recommendations on this charge. Respond to the Senate Executive Committee by March 24, 2005.  USGC Co-chair Joseph Blasi has invited Senator Hoekzema to present his proposal to the USGC, and has asked that the Student Affairs Committee be charged with providing input on the issue to the USGC before a final decision is made.

5.  February 18, 2005 University Senate Meeting Agenda 6.  Old Business

7.  New Business

8.  Adjournment