Executive Committee


February 11, 2011 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chairpersons' Report

2.    Secretary’s Report 3.    Administrative Liaison 4.    Standing Committees

Committee Reports:

University Structure and Governance Committee Response to Charge S-0915 on Conduct of Staff Senator Elections [WITHDRAWN] - The USGC had been charged as follows:

Staff Senator Election Processes: Consider the Recommendations on the Conduct of Staff Senator Elections proposed by the Staff Caucus. Recommend elements of an inclusive, practical method of electing staff Senators, based on the proposal, processes used in past staff Senator elections, and other research and discussion. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by December 2010.

Proposed Charges:

Proposed Charge to Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee on Viability of Tenurable Teaching Track:  At the October 2010 Executive Committee meeting, FPAC Co-chair Paul Panayotatos said that the FPAC would report back to the Executive Committee at the subsequent meeting with the FPAC's decision on whether it would agree to reexamine the issue, pursuant to a charge proposed by PTL Senator and Executive Committee Member Karen Thompson, as follows: "Reconsider the viability of instituting a tenurable teaching track at Rutgers, given past Senate deliberations:,, but more importantly in light of the new national AAUP Report: Additional national data and reports are available, particularly through the coalition of disciplinary association, the Coalition on the Academic Workforce: Make recommendations in the interest of academic freedom, shared governance, and quality teaching at Rutgers.
" At the November 2010 Executive Committee meeting, Panayotatos said that the FPAC attendance at the October meeting in Camden was not sufficient to vote on this matter, so he will raise the issue in November and report back to the Executive Committee in January. Panayotatos withdrew the proposed charge in January. [Note: The executive secretary is unsure whether the chairperson's intent was to withdraw this charge permanently, and has therefore redocketed it on this agenda.]

Proposed Charge to Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee on Federal Limitations on Hourly Employees
: At the November 2010 Executive Committee meeting, Senator Fishbein had raised an issue related to new federal regulations limiting employment of Type 4, hourly employees. The pros and cons of the regulations were discussed at some length, as was the practicality of asking a Senate committee to debate how to respond to a federal law which, by its nature, must be followed. EVP Furmanski said that the issue had been extensively explored by Vivian Fernandez, who had energetically sought solutions. It was noted that responses to federal laws were outside of the rubric of University Senate decisions. At that time, Paul Panayotatos said he would discuss the issue in the FPAC, along with Ms. Fernandez, who is a member of that committee, and would report back to the Executive Committee before a decision is made on a proposed charge. At the January EC meeting, Panayotatos said that Ms. Fernandez had been unable to attend the November FPAC meeting, and asked that this item be docketed on today's agenda. 

Proposed Charge to the Budget and Finance Committee on Information Technology Services at Rutgers: At its January 2011 meeting, the Executive Committee attempted to draft this charge, but it was not finalized. Secretary Swalagin was asked to e-circulate a draft charge for Executive Committee comment, and issue it if possible. Email discussions and comments on the subsequently circulated draft charge were extensive, and included suggestions for assignment to a committee other than BFC, so the charge is being brought back to the EC now. A draft charge has evolved to the following: : Evaluate aspects of information technology services at Rutgers including whether systems communicate effectively with each other, incorporate user experience levels and feedback, are user-friendly, improve data flow, and enhance coordination among information technology personnel. Explore ways that the Office of Information Technology can more efficiently provide services to users. Identify opportunities for Rutgers to centralize or take a more distributive approach to various information technology functions, and investigate the advantages and disadvantages of deploying more open software. If developments during the time of deliberations warrant it, consider the ramifications of a reunification of Robert Wood Johnson Medical with Rutgers New Brunswick on the above.

See also Paul Panayotatos's thoughts on additional issues or potential charges related to reunification with the medical school.

Proposed Charge to Multiple Committees on Proposal to Establish a School of Nursing on the Camden Campus

Proposed Charge from Leslie Fishbein on Best Practices in Evaluating Teaching Performance: "
Investigate best practices in the evaluation of teaching performance, in particular addressing the question of whether paper or online evaluation formats should be used and whether any appropriate safeguards can be put in place to make the use of whatever format or formats might be employed more efficient and accurate. I also would like us to consider whether letters from current or former students might be helpful or not in the evaluation process and how to treat the evaluation of syllabi and other course materials. "

Proposed Charge from Gayle Stein on Recording Lectures and Discussions: Senator Stein's rationale for proposing the charge is: "Technology advances are making it easier for students to record lectures and discussions that take place during class. There is a question about whether this material is copyrighted or copyrightable; most people who've looked at it believe that unless otherwise stated, students have the right to record a professor's lecture. Here are a few examples:,, and"

Stein proposes the following charge: Examine the university's stance on recording in-class, seminar, online and other presentations. Establish guidelines for the responsibilities that faculty have for controlling such actions (like stating something in a syllabus) and for students who wish to do such recording.

Pending Charges Deadline Extensions - The following charge responses are now overdue:

Instruction, Curricula, and Advising Committee
Natalie Borisovets
Implementation of 2006 Senate Recommendations on Availablility of Syllabi: Consider and report on the Proposal submitted by Senator Candice Greaux, and the related resolution from the Rutgers University Student Assembly, regarding implementation of the Senate's recommendations on availability of syllabi, contained in the 2006 Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee's Response to Charge S-0313, Availability of Syllabi during Add/Drop. Also consider how new technologies, and emphasis on learning goals and assessment objectives for courses, have changed the definition of "syllabus." Respond to Senate Executive Committee by November 2010.
Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee
Ann Gould
Paul Panayotatos
Evaluation of Administrators: Evaluate the current procedures for faculty, staff and student evaluation of deans since implementation in 2004. Recommend changes where appropriate, and examine the feasibility of extending the process to include vice presidents and other administrators. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by December 2010.
The FPAC has responded to Part 1 of this charge, on evaluation of deans, and the Senate has acted on that report. The FPAC co-chairs now request that the reporting deadline for Part 2, on evaluation of upper administration, be extended to December 2011.

Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee
Martha Cotter
Dan Schantz
Academic Calendar, Commencement Dates: Consider and decide on Secretary of the University Leslie Fehrenbach's request (and its attachment) that the University Senate change the University Commencement dates on the academic calendar for academic years 2010-11 and beyond. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by January 2011.
Student Affairs Committee
Sam  Rabinowitz
Adam Helgeson
Alma Mater: Explore and make suggestions for possible revisions to the current Rutgers University alma mater, "On the Banks of the Old Raritan." Consider the Student Caucus rationale suggesting the need for this charge. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by January 2011.

Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee
Martha Cotter
Dan Schantz
Academic Calendar, Mini-Terms, and Spring Break Saturdays: Consider and respond to the issues raised by former Camden Registrar Camilo Garcia in his email to Sam Rabinowitz regarding seven-week "mini-terms" and Spring Break Saturdays. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by February 2011.

Research, and Graduate and Professional Education Committee
Daniel Swartley-McArdle
Barbara Cooper
National Research Council Ratings of Graduate Programs:Examine and respond to the report by the United States National Research Council, specificially its ratings of Rutgers' graduate programs. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by February 2011.  The RGPEC co-chairs request this deadline be extended to March 2011.

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