Executive Committee
February 25, 2005 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chairperson’s Report

2.    Secretary’s Report

3.    Administrative Liaison
4.    Selection and Charge of Nominating Committee for April 2005 Election of Officers:  Discussion will include whether or not the Senate should conduct elections on April 22, 2005 based on changes to Senate Bylaws recently recommended to the Board of Governors.
5.    Standing Committee Reports and Charges

Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee, Revised Report on Charge S-0325, Assignment of Textbooks - Natalie Borisovets, Committee Chair

Proposed Charge to Budget and Finance Committee on Fees, submitted by Senator Adam Cooper, expanded by Senator Timothy DiVito:  The following charge, revised by Senator DiVito at the Executive Committee's request, was issued to the Budget and Finance Committee on February 16, 2005 by Secretary Swalagin.  Examine all student fees collected for university-wide purposes paid by Rutgers University undergraduates on all three campuses.  Research the origins of these fees, the programs and projects that they have funded in the past and any future plans for the use of these funds.  Recommend best practices for the appropriate use of this fee money in light of these findings.  In addition, recommend ways in which university-wide student fee information can be made more widely available to all Rutgers University students.  Respond to Senate Executive Committee by October 2005.

Proposed Charge to Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee on Study-Abroad Program in Israel, submitted by Senator Adam Cooper:  Proposed Charge:  Examine why Rutgers University does not currently operate a study-abroad program in Israel, and determine whether or not this policy should be changed.

Potential Charge to University Structure and Governance Committee regarding absence of quorum at faculty meetings.  Please refer to e-mail exchange between Senator/Professor Manoranjan Dutta, FAS Dean Holly Smith, and President McCormick.

Charge Deadline Change Request:  Senator Panayotatos, co-chair of the Senate Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee, on behalf of that committee, has requested that the deadline on Charge S-0412, on endorsing the AAUP Policy Statement on Contingent Faculty, be changed to Fall 2005.

6.    Reports of Executive Committee Liaisons to Senate Standing Committees:
 Summary/Discussion of progress on pending charges
7.    March 11, 2005 University Senate Meeting Agenda
8.    Old Business

9.    New Business

Selection of Candidates for Evaluation Committee for Dean George Stauffer, Mason Gross School of the Arts:  The following faculty (in alphabetical order) have been suggested to Chairperson Cotter:
10.    Adjournment