Executive Committee
March 2, 2007 -1:10 p.m.

1. Chairperson’s Report

2. Secretary’s Report

Schedule of 2007-2008 Senate and Senate Executive Committee Meetings

3. Administrative Liaison

Administrative Report
4.  Committee Reports

University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC), Response to Charge S-0107, Referendum Guidelines Review

Original Charge: Referendum Guidelines Review:  Review the “University Senate Guidelines Regarding Special Student Organizations” and recommend revisions where needed.  Include recommendations for clarifying any ambiguities, particularly as may arise when a referendum fails on one or more campuses.  Recommend revised language wherever possible.
University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC), Response to Charge S-0608, Merger Proposals
Original Charge: Proposals to Merge Rutgers, UMDNJ, NJIT: Revisit the structural and governance aspects of the proposals to merge all or part of UMDNJ, and perhaps NJIT, with Rutgers University, with or without splitting the merged entity into parts. Review President McCormick's recent testimony (11/09/06) on this subject before the Lesniak-Caraballo Legislative Task Force on Higher Education, as well as previous Senate reports and recommendations concerning the merger proposal put forth three years ago by the Vagelos Commission. Are there additional key principles to emphasize beyond those enunciated by President McCormick? What are the broad pros and cons of the various structural and governance models that have been proposed? Which of the concerns and recommendations put forth by the Senate in November 2003 are still valid and worthy of reiteration? Consult with the Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee concerning personnel ramifications of the various proposals. Also obtain input from the Newark and New Brunswick Faculty Councils and from faculty governance groups in Camden. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by February 2007.
Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee (FAPC), Response to Charge S-0415, Faculty Retirement Incentives
Original Charge: Faculty Retirement Incentives: Evaluate the desirability and feasibility of faculty retirement incentives, in particular of phased retirement plans such as the one that was being negotiated by the New Brunswick Faculty Council and the Lawrence administration in the mid-1990s and the one recently proposed by the AAUP under their Proposal for a Faculty Retirement Transition and Renewal Program.
5. Committee Charges and Changes
Proposed Change to Charge S-0702 to Equal Opportunity Committee on Diversity and Tolerance: Student Affairs Committee Co-chair Valerie Johnson requests that Charge S-0702 be transferred to the Student Affairs Committee, in collaboration with the Equal Opportunity Committee. Johnson notes that the SAC has been working on this issue for some time. Related Issue: Equal Opportunity Committee Chair Gus Friedrich, noting poor attendance and focus, has questioned the viability of the EOC as a stand-alone committee. Possible Charge to University Structure and Governance Committee:Examine the need for a separate Equal Opportunity Committee in the Senate. Could the EOC's standing charge and assigned issues be handled elsewhere in the Senate's committee structure?
6. Old Business

7. New Business

8. March 23, 2007 Senate Meeting Agenda

9. Adjournment