Executive Committee


March 9, 2012 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chairpersons' Report

2.    Secretary’s Report 3.    Administrative Liaison 4.    Standing Committees

Committee Reports:

Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee Revised Response to Charge S-1104 on Online Teaching Evaluations, and Best Practices in Evaluation of Teaching Performance - [Note: The Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee's response to this report is linked below.] The ICAC has been charged as follows:

Investigate best practices in the evaluation of teaching performance, in particular addressing the question of whether paper or online evaluation formats should be used and whether any appropriate safeguards can be put in place to make the use of whatever format or formats might be employed more efficient and accurate. Obtain data relating to changes in response rates and average evaluations since the adoption of online teaching evaluations. [Note: Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee to review and comment on the ICAC report on this charge before it is docketed for Senate action.]

Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee Response to ICAC Report (see above) on Charge S-1104 on Online Teaching Evaluations, and Best Practices in Evaluation of Teaching Performance

Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee Response to Charge A-0812A, Part 2, Evaluation of Upper Administration - The FPAC has been charged as follows:

Examine the feasibility of extending the process of faculty, staff and student evaluation of deans to include vice presidents and other administrators. 

Budget and Finance Committee DRAFT Response to Charge S-1103 on Information Technology and IT Services at Rutgers - The BFC has been charged as follows:

Evaluate aspects of information technology services at Rutgers including whether systems communicate effectively with each other, incorporate user experience levels and feedback, are user-friendly, improve data flow, and enhance coordination among information technology personnel. Explore ways that the Office of Information Technology can more efficiently provide services to users. Identify opportunities for Rutgers to centralize or take a more distributive approach to various information technology functions, and investigate the advantages and disadvantages of deploying more open software. If developments during the time of deliberations warrant it, consider the ramifications of a reunification of Robert Wood Johnson Medical with Rutgers New Brunswick on the above.

Issues/Proposed Charges:

Issue/Proposed Charge to Committee(s) on Rutgers Initiative in China [Expected to be discussed during President McCormick's and Executive Vice President Edwards' administrative report and comments.]

Issues/Proposed Charges to Committee(s) from David Finegold, Senior Vice President for Lifelong Learning: From David Finegold's recent email to Paul Panayotatos and Natalie Borisovets: 
Issue Raised by Student on Spring Break/Passover 2013: Brian Thomas, Pharm D. Candidate 2015, wrote: "Some of my classmates and I are curious as to the ease (or difficulty) of changing Spring Break 2013 in the academic calendar to coincide with Passover next year. Next year they are very close to each other already and moving spring break to the week of Passover would prevent many student from our large Jewish population at Rutgers from missing many classes during that time."

Deadline Extensions Required for Pending Charges:
All unresolved charges expire in March of the year following their issue. Charges on the docket beginning with numbers 11 (for year 2011) or lower should be reissued with new deadlines, or dropped.
5.    Selection of Nominating Panel Members for Election of 2012-13 Senate Officers, Executive Committee Members, and Board Representatives

6.    University Senate March 23, 2012 Agenda
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8.    New Business

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