Executive Committee


March 13, 2009 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chairpersons' Report

2.    Secretary’s Report 3.    Administrative Liaison - President Richard L. McCormick, Executive Vice President Philip Furmanski

4.    Standing Committees

Committee Reports:

Budget and Finance Committee Response to Charge S-0709, InterCampus Shuttle Service

University Structure and Governance Committee REVISED Response to Charge A-0810, Including Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration as Administrator Senator

Student Affairs Committee Response to Charge S-0802, Policies on Participation in Blood Drives [Link not yet active. DRAFT report to be distributed in hardcopy at meeting.]

University Structure and Governance Committee Response to Charge S-0805, Senate Representation by Full-time, Non-tenure-track Faculty 

Committee Charges:

Request to Drop Charge: The Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee requests that Charge S-0711, on Tenure-Track Career Flexibility, be dropped. The charge was issued as: Review and comment on the American Council on Education's 2005 release entitled "First-Tier Universities Offer Tenure-Track Career Flexibility According To American Council on Education Survey" and report entitled "An Agenda for Excellence: Creating Flexibility in Tenure-Track Faculty Careers" as requested by Professor/Senator Peter Simmons. Discuss and make recommendations regarding the advisability of instituting  policies and practices similar to those outlined in the release and report at Rutgers. Respond with Preliminary Report to Senate Executive Committee by April 2009, and include a suggested response deadline for final report on this issue.

Proposed Charge to Budget and Finance Committee, submitted by PTL Faculty Senator Won-Jong Rhee, on Rutgers' Food Distribution Systems

5.    Selection of Nominating Panel Members for Election of 2009-10 Senate Officers, Executive Committee Members, and Board Representatives

6.    March 27, 2009 Senate Meeting Agenda
7.    Old Business

8.    New Business

9.    Adjournment