Executive Committee
April 1, 2005 - 1:10 p.m.

1.  Chairperson’s Report

2.  Secretary’s Report
    •    Executive Committee Minutes of February 25, 2005
    •    Communications:
            •     Slate of Candidates for 2005-2006 Senate Leadership and Board Representatives

3.  Administrative Liaison
    •    Administrative Report

4.  Standing Committee Reports and Potential Charges

Request for Withdrawal of Charge:  Craig Oren, Co-chair of the Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee, requests that Charge S-0314, on Big East Athletics, be withdrawn.  Senator Oren notes that the charge is inappropriate for a University Senate committee because it applies to Rutgers New Brunswick only.
Original Charge:  Review the issues associated with the Big East Conference, Rutgers’ membership therein, and related athletic policies and affiliations.  As a preliminary step leading to a subsequent report, identify critical issues and elements to be included in a final report.  Respond to the Senate Executive Committee with a list of components for further exploration by January 2005.

Potential Charge to Committee, on Athletics/Varsity Sports, submitted by Senator Adam Cooper:  Examine the Athletics department, and determine whether all varsity sports teams that are currently being fielded are necessary or if there are teams for which interest is low that should be removed.  Compare the number of athletics teams at Rutgers with like institutions, and make recommendations based on findings.

Equal Opportunity Committee, Status Report on Charge S-0413, FAIR v. Rumsfeld Appeal
- Michael LaSala and Ben Sifuentes-Jauregui, Co-chairs 
Original Charge:  Considering the November 29, 2004 decision of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the case of FAIR v. Rumsfeld, revisit the issues addressed in the University Senate’s reports/resolutions on FAIR v. Rumsfeld and on Federally Mandated Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation in ROTC Programs.  Draft recommendations on how Rutgers should respond to the recent decision. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by March 18, 2005.
Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee, Response to Charge S-0407, Faculty Reporting Processes
- Ann Brooks Gould and Paul Panayotatos, Co-chairs
Original Charge:  Investigate, consider, and make recommendations for streamlining and making easier the processes involved in faculty reporting of teaching, scholarship and service. Consider compatibilities between the Annual Faculty Survey and Form 1A, cross-document copy-and-paste capability, and availability of data for reformatting for insertion into other electronic documents.”
Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee, Response to Charge S-0318, Use of Course Management Systems (click this link to read the Report Summary) - Natalie Borisovets, Chair 
Original Charge:  Examine the various types of online instructional software (courseware) being utilized by departments and units at Rutgers.  What are the consequences of using a growing number of different courseware products (sometimes even within an individual course) for faculty, staff and students? Determine whether Rutgers should decide upon and use a standard courseware product.
Budget and Finance Committee, Response to Charge S-0405, Travel Reimbursement Policy - Dan O’Connor and Ted Szatrowski, Co-chairs; Calum Turvey, Subcommittee Chair 
Supporting Documents:  Summary of Travel Policy Modifications, University Procedures for Travel Reimbursement
Original Charge:  Review the University's updated travel and business expense reimbursement policy, and make recommendations for improvements
Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee, Response to Charge A-0410, Clinical and Professional Practice Faculty Tracks
- Ann Brooks Gould and Paul Panayotatos, Co-chairs
Original Charge:  Review and respond to the administration's proposals regarding Clinical and Professional Practice Tracks for:  the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology; Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick and Newark, and the School of Business-Camden; and the Mason Gross School of the Arts.  Report to Senate Executive Committee by May 2005.
Student Affairs Committee, Response to Charge S-0406, Tolerance and Sensitivity - Nicole Smith and Claudia Volk, Co-chairs 
Original Charge:  Explore and recommend ways in which tolerance, sensitivity and open dialog may be promoted at Rutgers, particularly among students, in media content, housing, and other areas.
Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee, Response to Charge S-0317, Faculty Role in Undergraduate Student Recruitment and Admissions - Michelle Brazier and Craig Oren, Co-chairs; Martha Cotter, Subcommittee Chair 
Original Charge:  Review the current practices for faculty involvement in both recruiting and admitting undergraduate students to Rutgers University.  Determine whether faculty and faculty admissions committees are active participants in the process, whether University Regulations are being met, and whether the role of faculty should be expanded.  (Documents regarding faculty role in admissions include: Senate Resolution A-8420; University Regulations, Section 2.12; Motion passed by the Livingston Fellows on June 8, 2000; NBFC recommendation of April 26, 2002).
University Structure and Governance Committee, [Currently DRAFT] Response to Charge S-0324, Senate Bylaws Review (Part 2, Senate Handbook)
- Joseph Blasi and Kathleen Scott, Co-chairs
Original Charge:  Review Senate bylaws and enabling University Regulations as outlined in the Senate Handbook, and make recommendations for revisions, particularly regarding Senate membership, officer eligibility and requirements.  Consult with Senate secretary and chair to identify specific aspects of the bylaws and regulations to be examined.
University Structure and Governance Committee, Resolution: Support for the Chair of the University Senate - Joseph Blasi and Kathleen Scott, Co-chairs

University Structure and Governance Committee, Response to Charge S-0401, Faculty and Student Board of Governors Membership - Joseph Blasi and Kathleen Scott, Co-chairs
Additional  Internal Communication from the Governance Committee to the Executive Committee:   We request from the EC that there be the broadest possible consultation  with the Senate to explore the various mechanisms for achieving this in greater detail.

Original Charge:  Student and Faculty Board Membership.  Investigate why there is no student voting representative on the Board of Governors in the spirit of N.J.S.A.18A:64-3.1, which states that the Board of Trustees of every state college must provide for the election of two student representatives who serve two-year terms and are voting members in their second year, considering that at Rutgers the Board of Governors is currently equivalent to the board of trustees at most New Jersey colleges.  Report back as to why this is not the case, and make appropriate recommendations as to if and how this issue should be pursued.  Investigate the same issues relative to faculty membership on the Board of Governors.  Respond to Senate Executive Committee by December 2004.

University Structure and Governance Committee, Senate Committee Structure, Graduate and Professional Education - Joseph Blasi and Kathleen Scott, Co-chairs

Original Charge S-0409:  Senate Committee Structure, Graduate and Professional Education:  Consider revising the Senate committees’ standing charges to include among them responsibility for exploring issues related to graduate and professional education.  Also consider placement of responsibility for considering research-related issues in the committees’ standing charges.

5.  April 22, 2005 University Senate Meetings, Agendas and Formats

6.  Old Business

7.  N
ew Business

Request for Establishment of Student Subsenate - Timothy DiVito, Student Member of the Senate Executive Committee, and Student Caucus Co-convener:  
As one of the Student Representatives to the Executive Committee, I request that the University Senate Executive Committee bring forth to the University Senate the following proposal.  

The Rutgers University Senate, using its power outlined within section 2.2.3.I of the Senate Handbook, will create the Rutgers University Student Senate making it a sub-senate of the official University Senate.  The members of this sub-senate would consist of all of the student Senators from every campus at the University.  

The Rutgers University Student Senate would not be considered a standing committee of the University Senate, but instead an organization that will enable a unified student voice throughout the entire University.  The Student Senate would have the power to consider issues brought to it by either the University Senate or by a resolution from any of the student governing associations.  Chair and vice chair of the Student Senate would be elected at the first meeting of the year by the student Senators.

The Rutgers University Student Senate would be an organization whose purpose would parallel that of the faculty councils long-established on each campus, but would deal with university-wide issues whose consideration and resolution would benefit from a single voice from the perspective of the student body. The Student Senate would not have any legislative powers granted to it by the University Senate, other than that of deliberation, discussion, and advice to the University Senate.  Students across the University feel frustrated about the lack of real representation within the University.  I believe that the creation of this sub-senate would go a long way to making students feel that their voice will be heard.
8.  Adjournment