Executive Committee


May 16, 2014 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chairperson's Report

2.    Secretary’s Report 3.    Standing Committees/Panels

Draft Standing Committee Rosters 2014-15, and assignment of chairs [Committee rosters will be distributed in hardcopy at the meeting.]

Pending Charges:

Discussion of Accelerated Responses on Urgent Issues/Charges:

S-1403, Process for Unit Mergers or Other Structural Changes (to University Structure and Governance Committee): Consider whether the University Senate should establish a general procedure, timeline, template and process for merging, disbanding or making structural changes to any university unit. Consider how such a process could assist the university and units in working in a deliberate, consultative and rational way so that all issues, impacts, concerns and benefits can be properly considered on a timely basis. Make recommendations on time limits, and process. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by January 2, 2015.

S-1404, Revisions to University Policy Library (to University Structure and Governance Committee): Investigate the procedure for disseminating revisions to University Regulations in the University Policy Library, and make recommendations for improved communication within the University community.  Consider to what extent the Senate, students, academic units, and other affected constituencies are informed of changes made to the University Policy Library. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by February 27, 2015.

S-1405, Procedures for Selecting Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients (to Student Affairs Committee): Consider, and make recommendations to ensure that, the procedure for selecting Commencement speakers, as well as those who receive honorary degrees, seeks, and provides sufficient opportunity for, input from the Rutgers community. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by November 18, 2014.

Issues/Proposed Charges:

Reissue or New Charge on Balance of Full-time and Part-time Faculty Teaching - Based on "Preliminary" designation of the Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee report adopted by the Senate on May 2.

Proposed Issue on Nursing Merger Proposal Process, and Possible Appeal
(from the April 2014 Executive Committee agenda) - Submitted by Bob Boikess

Determine whether there may have been violations of University Regulation 50.2.2A and B with respect to the various reorganizations of Nursing on the various campuses. In the event that the EC finds that there may have been such violations, formulate an appeal as defined in 50.2.2B2, with the help of University Counsel if necessary.

Proposed Issue on Senate Role in Advisory Council for University Retirees (from the April 2014 Executive Committee agenda) - Submitted by Bob Boikess

Consider whether there is any appropriate role for the Senate related to the Advisory Council for University retirees. (Correspondence from former Dean Dorothy DeMaio previously sent to Ann [Gould]) Here is an excerpt from that correspondence:

"In January 2012, Dick McCormick constituted an Advisory Council charged to assist the administration in creating a university-wide infrastructure for faculty and staff retirees. At today's Advisory Council meeting, I again suggested that since the Senate is the only Rutgers organization that has faculty representation from all campuses we should touch base with the Senate. All present thought it was an excellent idea. Rather than take no action I volunteered to reach out to find the Senate person that I should contact to pursue this issue. It is my sense that the Senate should be informed/consulted if you think it is appropriate."

Charge-Deadline Extensions:
4.    Old Business

Continued Discussion of Pearson eCollege Contract - On this matter, the Executive Committee first heard from Vice President for Continuing Education and Distance Studies Richard Novak in November 2013, and from Professor David Hughes in March 2014.

Supporting documents:
5.    [At approximately 2:30 p.m., when Joanne Robinson and Marie O'Toole arrive.] Continued Discussion of the Proposal for Union of Nursing Programs and Personnel on the Stratford Campus of the Legacy UMDNJ School of Nursing with the Rutgers School of Nursing - CamdenMay 2014 Senate Response, and Budget Projection Received April 29, 2014

6.    Agenda for
September 19, 2014 Senate Meeting
7.    New Business

8.    Adjournment