Executive Committee
June 3, 2005  -  1:10 p.m.
1.     Chairperson’s Report
2.     Secretary’s Report
3.     Administrative Liaison
4.     Standing Committee Membership Assignments and Selection of Chairpersons  (Committee and current Senate rosters will be distributed at the meeting so that newly received additions can be included.)
5.     Standing Committee Actions, Reports and Charges
Potential Charge to Budget and Finance Committee on All Funds Budgeting:  Review and evaluate the processes and policies related to All Funds Budgeting.  Report to Senate Executive Committee by November 11, 2005.
Potential Charge to Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee:  Rudy Bell, writing as President of Rutgers AAUP, in a letter dated June 1, 2005, requests that the University Senate consider recommending:
1.     The abolition of University Regulation Section 3.3.14.  (On "Term Appointments.")
2.     The granting to non-tenure track faculty of full and appropriate governance rights in the University Senate and that departments and units fully implement existing regulations that grant governance rights at the unit and departmental levels.
3.     Full access to internal Rutgers grants for research and curricular development for non-tenure track faculty.
[Dr. Bell’s correspondence was received as hardcopy only on June 2 by the Senate office.  It was not available in electronic format at the time this agenda was distributed.  Dr. Bell’s letter and supporting documents will be available at the Executive Committee meeting in hardcopy.]
Potential Charge to Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee:  Karen Thompson, of the Rutgers AAUP, asks that the Senate charge a standing committee with reviewing a potential faculty identity security issue, which she describes as follows:  “Pay stubs are often placed in department mailboxes after direct deposit of checks.  These stubs contain personal information (name, address, social security number, bank routing number, etc.) that may make identity theft possible.  Just as we were warned to take care not to make student social security numbers publicly available, it seems that departments should take alternate steps to avoid stubs languishing in mailboxes.”
Review of Outstanding/Pending Charges 
6.     Old Business
Implementation of Revised Senate Bylaws:  The Senate’s requested bylaws revisions were approved on May 26 by the Educational Planning and Policy Committee of the Board of Governors.  Board approval of the bylaws and related changes to University Regulations is anticipated at the board’s June 9, 2005 meeting.  Chairperson Cotter has requested a discussion of how and when those bylaws revisions will be implemented. 
7.     New Business
8.     Adjournment