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September 5, 2008 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chairpersons' Report

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2008-09 Senate Standing Committee Rosters

Recommendations for Appeals Panel Members

Proposed Charges/Issues:

Proposed "Part 2" Charge to Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee (FAPC) on S-0507, Contingent Faculty Proposal:
Ann Gould, Co-chair of the FAPC, proposes the following substitution for the now partially completed charge on Contingent Faculty Proposal: Charge S-0507-2, "Contingent Faculty Proposal, Part 2":

Consider and make recommendations regarding the feasibility of implementing the "Teaching at Rutgers: A Proposal to Convert Part-time to Full-time Appointments and Instructional Full-time Non-tenure-track Appointments to Tenure-track Appointments" received from Professors Zoran Gajic, Karen Thompson, and Richard Moser. For this second part of the charge, consider those sections of the report that address the conversion of instructional full-time non-tenure-track appointments to tenure-track appointments. Include considerations on implementation timelines and related issues. Report to Senate Executive committee by February 2009.

Proposed Charge to Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee on Teaching Evaluations, submitted by PTL Senators Won-Jong Rhee and Karen Thompson:

Investigate and consider the current system of teaching evaluations, including how forms are designed, distributed, collected and archived.  Make recommendations about changes necessary to ensure effectiveness, transparency, and fairness for all concerned.  In particular, consider the feasibility and usefulness of a special teaching evaluation team or committee (under the EVPAA) responsible to oversee the teaching evaluation procedure and including representatives from relevant constituencies, such as students, PTLs, and non-tenure-track as well as tenured faculty.  Considerations that fall within this charge might include:  oversight for consistent implementation, use of teaching evaluations in aggregate only, appropriate use of teaching evaluations within the reappointment / promotion process (e.g., consideration of relevant factors such as class size, difficulty of subject, class times, etc.), creation of added incentives for excellence in teaching, and so on.

Proposed Charge to University Structure and Governance Committee on Senate Representation by Full-time, Non-tenure-track Faculty, submitted by PTL Senator Joseph Markert. Click here to read Senator Markert's proposal.

5.    September 19, 2008 University Senate Agenda
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