Executive Committee


September 7, 2012 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chairpersons' Report

2.    Secretary’s Report 3.    Administrative Liaison 4.    Standing Committees

Review of Standing Committee Membership/Rosters (Draft rosters will be distributed in hardcopy at the meeting.)

Issues/Proposed Charges:

Proposed Charge to Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee (ASRAC) on Changes to Academic Integrity Policy Related to University Code of Student Conduct, submitted by Martha Cotter, ASRAC Co-chair: Recommend changes to the Rutgers Academic Integrity Policy necessitated by the about-to-be-adopted revised University Code of Student Conduct, which states that procedures for adjudicating alleged violations of academic integrity are specified in the Academic Integrity Policy, Required changes to the Academic Integrity Policy therefore consist, at a minimum, of incorporation of the procedures for resolving alleged separable violations of academic integrity in the appendices to the Policy or in a companion document. Also recommend whether some of the revised and simplified procedures for handling alleged separable conduct violations in the new Code of Student Conduct should also be adopted for resolving alleged violations of academic integrity.

Request for Modification of Research, and Graduate and Professional Education Committee (RGPEC) Charge S-1108 on Research Support Infrastructure, submitted by Gayle Stein, RGPEC Co-chair: The following request to divide RGPEC charge S-1108 was discussed at the May 2012 Executive Committee meeting, at which headings and deadlines were requested for each subcharge. Stein has provided headings as listed below, but asks that she be allowed to consult with the RGPEC before requesting deadlines. So that the charges may be issued/divided as requested, Ken Swalagin asks that he be allowed to assign each an April 2013 deadlines, then revise those deadlines when Stein responds with the RGPEC's suggestions.

Stein stated that, "The RGPEC is requesting that charge S-1108 be divided into smaller charges as follows, in order to make the results more manageable. The committee plans to invite a number of experts to speak at our meetings and believe that it can fulfill its charge more effectively if it is broken up."

Charge S-1108 Research Support Infrastructure: In preparation for the Rutgers/UMD merger, investigate the status of the research support infrastructure at Rutgers, including instrumentation, equipment,maintenance contracts, site licenses, and shared data storage. Provide recommendations that have the potential to reduce associated costs and enhance opportunities for information, equipment, and instrumentation sharing. Provide recommendations about research data security and academic and non-academic support services.

Draft Breakdown:

S-1108-1 - Data and Information Sharing
S-1108-2 - Secure Data Storage
S-1108-3 - Data Transport
S-1108-4 - Scientific Equipment
S-1108-5 - Research Support Services
Targum Concept Plan Review: In preparation for a Spring 2013 referendum, The Daily Targum has submitted a Concept Plan, audit reports for the three previous years, and a cover letter. The Senate's Student Affairs Committee should be charged with reviewing the Concept Plan for educational value.

5.    University Senate Agenda

September 21, 2012 Senate Meeting:

6.    Old Business

7.    New Business

8.    Adjournment