Executive Committee

September 22, 2006 -10:00 a.m.

1.    Chairperson’s Report

2.    Secretary’s Report
Executive Committee Minutes of September 8, 2006

3.    Administrative Liaison
Administrative Report  [Note: A special meeting of the Board of Governors had been called for this morning, so Administrative Liaisons are not expected to be available for the Executive Committee meeting.]

4.    Proposed Committee Charges
To University Structure and Governance Committee: Make recommendations for revision of the Senate membership and by-laws in light of the restructuring of the New Brunswick schools and colleges.

To University Structure and Governance Committee:In preparation for the upcoming Middle States reaccreditation process, examine the current state of shared governance at Rutgers, using the introduction of All-Funds budgeting, the ongoing restructuring of undergraduate education in New Brunswick, and the response to the large cuts in state funding as test cases. In each case, were all the appropriate stakeholders actively engaged in the process?Was appropriate input obtained from faculty, staff, administrators, students and other stakeholders before critical decisions were made?Did the various faculty and student governance organizations play effective roles? What weaknesses in shared governance were revealed in these cases? Based on this assessment, make recommendations for strengthening shared governance at Rutgers.

To Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee: Assess how well the current structure of business education at Rutgers serves the needs of students on all three regional campuses.Make appropriate recommendations for how the University could better serve these needs.

To Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee:: In light of the restructuring of undergraduate education in New Brunswick, the findings of the Constituency Research Project, and the appointment of a new Vice President for Enrollment Management, assess the current strengths and weakness of the Admissions and Financial Aid operations at Rutgers.How well do Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid serve the needs of the CamdenNewark, and New Brunswick Campuses? Is the current balance between centralization of support services and devolution of authority among the campuses optimal? To what extent should the three regional campuses “go their own way” with regard to undergraduate recruiting?How can we best explain Rutgers as one university with three campuses, each with its own particular character and strengths?Make recommendations for improvement based on your assessment.

5.    Targum Concept Plan Review

From the University Senate Guidelines Regarding Special Student Organizations: Concept Plan Review:
All petitioning student organizations which seek authorization to conduct a student body referendum under either of the alternative procedures described in the Board funding policy must first submit a "Concept Plan" for review by the University Senate and approval by the University President. The Concept Plan must be submitted to the Executive Committee of the University Senate by the first week of the semester prior to referenda.

The Concept Plan should describe the structure, aims, general policies, and intended programs of the petitioning student organization, along with an explanation of the educational value of its activity. The University Senate or the Senate Executive Committee shall review each Concept Plan with the sole criterion of determining the educational value of the organization or program. The University Senate or the Senate Executive Committee shall make a recommendation to the University President within six weeks of receiving the petitioning student organization’s Concept Plan.

All student programs and organizations which are authorized to receive funding under Alternative Procedures I and II shall conduct an independent annual audit. Evidence of annual independent audits shall be submitted to the University Senate as part of its Concept Plan review.

Upon approval by the University President, a designated representative from the administration shall notify all appropriate Rutgers University Student Governments in writing of such approval. Furthermore, two weeks prior to the scheduled start of the referendum, the petitioning student organization shall notify, in writing, the Secretary of the Senate and the Vice President for Student Affairs, who shall be responsible for notifying each division where a referendum is to be held.

6.    Old Business

7.    New Business

8.    September 29, 2006 Senate Meeting Agenda

9.    Adjournment