Executive Committee

A G E N D A   (Revised 10/4/01)

October 5, 2001  -  1:10 p.m.

1. Chairperson’s Report

2. Secretary’s Report

· Executive Committee Minutes of September 7, 2001

· Communications:

· September 14, 2001 Memorandum from President Francis L. Lawrence responding to Senate resolution in support of full health benefits for same sex partners of Rutgers employees and retirees []
· September 2001 E-mail exchange between Barbara Bender, Graduate School-NB and Ken Iuso, University Registrar, forwarded to Kathy Scott, regarding Add/Drop Period for Graduate Students []
· Undated letter from Harriet Alonso, Associate Dean and Director, Center for Worker Education, City College of New York, acknowledging and expressing thanks for the Senate's resolution of support following the September 11 terrorist events []
· October 3, 2001 E-mail from Raphael Caprio, Vice President of Continuous Education and Outreach, to Kathy Scott transmitting Revised CAPS Proposal (Revised 10/1/01) [] and CAPS Advisory Committee Interim Report []. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can view the .pdf version of the Revised CAPS Proposal at [].
3. Administrative Liaison
· Administrative Report
4. Standing Committee and Administrative Reports

5. October 19 Senate Meeting Agenda

· Presentation on Capital Campaign
· Open-Forum Discussion on RU-CAPS
6. Old Business

From the June 2001 Executive Committee Minutes:

· Student Financial Management and Credit-Card Debt - The Executive Committee will follow-up with Vice President Dennis mid-fall 2001.
· Disclosure of FASIP Awards - The Executive Committee will inquire Fall 2001 if departments have been informed of their options under the Senate’s resolution on this issue.
· Wintersession - The Executive Committee will discuss this issue again at its October 2001 meeting.  University Vice President Seneca will be asked to report on Wintersession’s first two years, proposed modifications for the third year, and plans to incorporate Senate suggestions into the final year of the pilot program.
7. New Business

8. Adjournment