Executive Committee
October 3, 2003  -  1:10 p.m.

1. Chairperson’s Report

2. Secretary’s Report

3. Administrative Liaison 4. October 24, 2003 Senate Meeting Agenda 5. Standing Committee Reports, Charges, Actions and Membership

Committee Report:  University Structure and Governance Committee - Joseph Blasi and Kathleen Scott, Co-chairs.  Report and Resolution on a Contract with the Governor on Higher Education

Committee Report:  Student Affairs Committee - Kristyn Byrnes  and Vikas Tandon, Co-chairs.  Response to S-0319, Targum Concept Plan Review

Replacement for Paul Snyder, current Administrative Liaison to University Structure and Governance Committee.  Senator Snyder will retire as of January 1, 2004.  Senate Committee rosters.

Request for Newark Member(s) for Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions CommitteeSenate Committee rosters

Requests for Charge-Deadline Extensions:

Update on Proposed Charge to Student Affairs Committee regarding Targum mission - Ken Swalagin

Discussion of Continuance or Dissolution of Ad Hoc Senate Enrollment Committee.  Brief, written summary of activities and issues expected from Roberta Leslie, Executive Associate, Academic Affairs, prior to the meeting; will be distributed as hardcopy at the meeting.

6. Old Business

Resolution establishing first Senate meeting of each year as president’s Annual Address to the University Community:

Be It Hereby Resolved, by the University Senate Executive Committee, that agendas for future September University Senate meetings shall be designated as exclusively as possible to presentation of the President’s Annual Address to the University Community.
7. New Business

8. Adjournment