Executive Committee


October 10, 2014 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chairperson's Report

2.    Secretary’s Report [No administrative liaison available to present an administrative report at this meeting.]

3.    Standing Committees

Issues/Proposed Charges:

[None received prior to meeting.]

4.    University Senate Agenda for October 24, 2014

5.    Old Business

Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) Update - Robert Barraco, COIA Representative

"Continued Discussion of
Managed Online Programs Agreement between Rutgers University and  [See also Executive Committee Minutes of November 2013, March 2014, and September 2014.] Following discussion, during which it was suggested that this issue may more appropriately be addressed in faculty councils, it was decided that this issue would be brought back to the Executive Committee in September." A draft charge may be forthcoming from the ICAC on this matter.

Committee on the Near- and Long-Term Impact of Instructional Technology, and Committee on the Future Academic Structure of the University: "President Barchi said that those two nominees may have declined. Later in the meeting, Barchi said that there would be interim reports from those two committees, and that the EC could communicate directly with them, perhaps inviting them to attend an EC meeting." An email has been sent to both committees' co-chairs asking if interim reports are available, or, if not, when those reports may be available for the EC to review.

6.    New Business

7.    [Tiime permitting, and if needed] Additional Discussion of New Brunswick Honorary Degree Nominations - New Brunswick Executive Committee Members

8.    Adjournment