Executive Committee


October 11, 2007 - 10:30 a.m.
G.H. Cook Room, Cook Campus Center

1.    Chairpersons' Report

2.    Secretary’s Report

3.    Administrative Liaison 4.    Standing Committees

Executive Committee - Nominations for Faculty Senator Member of the Executive Committee to replace Jozef Kokini, who has left Rutgers. (Senate procedures stipulate that the Executive Committee nominates replacements in these instances. The Senate elects the replacement.)

Proposed Charges

To Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee on Proposal on Tuition Remission for Part-Time Lecturer Faculty: Consider and make recommendations regarding the feasibility of implementing the "Proposal to Make Tuition-Remission Benefits Available to Part-Time Lecturer Faculty" received from Professor/Senator Karen Thompson.
To Budget and Finance Committee on Inter-Campus Bus Shuttle Service: Consider and make recommendations on feasibility and usefulness of University-provided, free, daily shuttle or bus service between the Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick campuses for any persons holding valid Rutgers student or employee identification. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by February 2008. Begin discussions based on the "Proposal to Implement Bus or Shuttle Transportation Between Camden, Newark and New Brunswick" received from the Student Affairs Committee.
To University Structure and Governance Committee: Review the Senate Handbook and Bylaws, and make recommendations or suggestions for revision based on the USGC's self-submitted "Proposal to Review Senate Operations to Enhance Shared Governance."

Addendum to University Structure and Governance Committee Charge S-0407, Senate Standing Committee Structure Review: Include in discussions on Charge S-0407 the "Resolution from the Executive Council of the Graduate School-New Brunswick" regarding instituting a Senate Committee on Graduate and Professional Education.

To Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee on Proposal on Tenure-Track Career Flexibility: Review and comment on the American Council on Education's 2005 release entitled "First-Tier Universities Offer Tenure-Track Career Flexibility According To American Council on Education Survey" and report entitled "An Agenda for Excellence: Creating Flexibility in Tenure-Track Faculty Careers" as requested by Professor/Senator Peter Simmons. Discuss and make recommendations regarding the advisability of instituting  policies and practices similar to those outlined in the release and report at Rutgers.
Committee Report

Budget and Finance Committee Response to Charge S-0504, All-Funds Budgeting. The committee has been charged as follows:

Review and evalute the processes and policies related to All Funds Budgeting.

5.    October 19, 2007 Senate Meeting Agenda
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7.    New Business

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