Executive Committee


November 16, 2001  -  1:10 p.m.

1. Chairperson’s Report

2. Secretary’s Report

3. Administrative Liaison 4. Standing Committee Reports, Potential Charges, and Requests for Information

Committee Report:  Equal Opportunity Committee, Liza Saniefard and Pheroze Wadia, Co-chairs
Subject:  Endorsement of Equal Marriage Resolution  []

Potential Charges:

5. Old Business From the October 2001 Executive Committee Minutes: 6. New Business

Discussion of a program described by Corinne Webb to the Academic Coordinating Council, which is proposed to offer students “who are otherwise inadmissible” admission to a community college, and Rutgers as a transfer student after completing an AA degree, with the proviso that they must take certain courses and maintain a certain average.

7. November 30 Senate Meeting Agenda

8. Adjournment