Executive Committee


November 7, 2008 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chairpersons' Report
2.    Secretary’s Report 3.    Administrative Liaison 4.    Standing Committees

Committee Reports:

University Structure and Governance Committee Response to Charge S-0107, Referendum Guidelines Review

Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee Response to Charge S-0710, Tuition Remission for Part-Time Lecturer Faculty  

Proposed Charges/Issues:

Proposed Charge to Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee (ASRAC), requested by the ASRAC: Monitor the progress of implementation of the Interim Academic Integrity Policy and of the University-wide Academic Integrity Committee's (AIC) efforts to develop a new, permanent academic integrity policy. Provide ongoing input to the new AIC charged with developing the new AI policy. Report to the Senate on progress to date toward the end of the 2008-9 academic year. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by April 2009.

Proposed Charge to Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee on Implementation of 2006 ICAC Recommendations on Availability of Syllabi: Revised Proposal submitted by Candice Greaux, with a related resolution from the Rutgers University Student Assembly.

Proposed Charge to University Structure and Governance Committee on Including Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration (SVPFA) as Administrator Senator, submitted by Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Phil Furmanski. The charge would ask the USGC to consider recommending to the Senate that it approve adding the SVPFA as an ex officio, with vote, administrator Senator, as are currently the President, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, chancellors, and school and college deans.

Proposed Charge to Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee on Teaching Evaluations, submitted by PTL Senators Won-Jong Rhee and Karen Thompson [Note: This item was tabled at the September 2008 EC. Senator Thompson was excused from the October EC meeting, so this item is redocketed here. The following excerpt from the September EC minutes describes the status of the proposal: "Natalie Borisovets, longtime chair of the Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee, pointed out that the Senate had considered this issue multiple times. Paul Panayotatos, co-chair of the Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee, directed the committee's attention to a 2002 report on Best Practices in Assessment of Teaching, which had come from the FAPC then co-chaired by Paul Leath and Barbara Lee. Candice Greaux pointed out that a recent Rutgers University Student Assembly resolution encourages more informative and responsible alternatives to "Rate My Professor" online. Thompson agreed to review the 2002 FAPC report, consult with her co-proposer, Senator Rhee, and consult with Panayotatos and Leath, and perhaps Gary Gigliotti, by e-mail. The proposal will be redocketed for the October Executive Committee meeting. No charge was issued."] The proposal, as submitted, is:

Investigate and consider the current system of teaching evaluations, including how forms are designed, distributed, collected and archived.  Make recommendations about changes necessary to ensure effectiveness, transparency, and fairness for all concerned.  In particular, consider the feasibility and usefulness of a special teaching evaluation team or committee (under the EVPAA) responsible to oversee the teaching evaluation procedure and including representatives from relevant constituencies, such as students, PTLs, and non-tenure-track as well as tenured faculty.  Considerations that fall within this charge might include:  oversight for consistent implementation, use of teaching evaluations in aggregate only, appropriate use of teaching evaluations within the reappointment / promotion process (e.g., consideration of relevant factors such as class size, difficulty of subject, class times, etc.), creation of added incentives for excellence in teaching, and so on.

Issue Raised/Proposed Charge to Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee on Academic Calendar, Spring Break, and Saturday Classes, requested by Sam Rabinowitz

Issue Raised/Potential Charge on Parking Permits, submitted by Staff Senator Crystal Grant

5.    November 21, 2008 University Senate Agenda
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