Executive Committee

November 18, 2016 - 1:10 p.m.

1.    Chair’s Report  - Peter Gillett, Senate Chair

2.    Secretary’s Report
- Ken Swalagin, Executive Secretary of the Senate
3.    Administrative Report - Barbara Lee, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

4.    Standing Committees


Research, and Graduate and Professional Education Committee (RGPEC) Response to Charge S-1508 on Responsible Conduct of Research - Jane Otto, RGPEC Chair

The RGPEC was charged as follows: Investigate and make recommendations on establishment and implementation of a universitywide policy on training and oversight in the responsible conduct of research (RCR) at Rutgers. Where appropriate, make specific recommendations for different training tracks, e.g., NSF- and NIH-compliant programs. Identify gaps in current resources, the intended recipients of RCR training (e.g., graduate students, undergraduate researchers, postdocs, faculty, etc.), the expected costs (if known) and benefits of implementing recommendations, and the unit(s) responsible for implementing and tracking compliance.

University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC) Response to Charge S-1501 on Eligibility, Nomination, and Election of Senate Leadership and Board Representatives - Jon Oliver and Robert Puhak, USGC Co-chairs

The USGC was charged as follows: Consider and make recommendations on the eligibility of candidates, and the nomination process and schedule for election of Senate officers, Executive Committee members, and board representatives..


Issue of PTL Access to Rutgers Email and Other Services During Summer - Submitted by PTL Senator Karen Thompson:

"Another PTL Senator has asked me to raise this concern, with the intent of creating universitywide policy in the interest of students. It seems that SOME PTLs lose access to their university email, Sakai and library privileges during the summer or a semester off. This situation prevents preparation of classes during these times which disadvantages the PTL instructor and can undermine class management. This problem especially occurs immediately before a course begins (particularly for newly hired PTLs) and could at least be avoided by mandated, even temporary, access requirements.  Again, this is a concern for students as well as instructors. Can we discuss whether a charge is appropriate to address this problem?"

Issue of Free Speech, Hate, and Violence - Senator Boikess suggests Senate action on the issue addressed by the following two communications:

5.    Old Business

Revised Report of the Senate Parliamentarian - Submitted by Peter Gillett, Former Senate Parliamentarian, and discussed at previous meetings.

Standing Committees' Responses to Proposal to Form School of Graduate Studies - Dean Scotto says they are working on responses to the questions, which will be reviewed by Barbara Lee before being submitted to the Senate.

Issue/Proposed Charge to Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee (FPAC) on Staff and Faculty Hiring Eligibility and Screening Protocols - Submitted by Student Senator Michael Van Stine

The rationale for this proposed charge was submitted for, and discussed at, the previous EC meeting. Charge language was to be drafted for this meeting.

Proposed Charge (drafted by Ann Gould): Consider the feasibility of preference in hiring for graduates of Rutgers University, other considerations (including collective bargaining) being equal. Explore similar policies at peer institutions. If deemed appropriate, recommend changes in hiring policy. Respond to Senate Executive Committee by October 2017.

Rationale (submitted by Michael Van Stine):

"The university has a complex set of eligibility and screening protocols for hiring for staff and faculty positions. They range from minimal educational and experience requirements and varied proficiencies to veterans and collective bargaining unit preference. The university is at core mission designed to serve students and students are the primary revenue source for the university. Students have in many cases skills and knowledge that set them apart from open outside competition for open positions. I would like to propose that the FPAC committee explore possibilities after all existing primary considerations are satisfied -- including veteran's and existing staff preference, that active students (and possibly alumni) be afforded first consideration for open positions over outside market competition. It would be of interest if there is a precedent for this at any of our peer universities."

6.    New Business

Selection of Senators to serve on Dean's Evaluation Committee for Cathryn Potter, Dean of the School of Social Work

7.    University Senate Agenda

December 9, 2016 Senate Meeting:

8.    Adjournment