Executive Committee
December 5, 2003  -  1:10 p.m.

1. Chairperson’s Report

2. Secretary’s Report

3. Administrative Liaison 4. Standing Committee Reports, Charges, Actions and Membership

Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee Response to Charge S-0311, Electronic Applications for Admission: Original Charge:  Review Rutgers’ current policy and practices regarding use of electronic applications for admission.  Make recommendations regarding the appropriateness of phasing out paper applications in favor of an all-electronic format.  Report to Senate Executive Committee by November 2003.

Student Affairs Committee Response to Charge S-0321, Honor Cords: Original Charge:  Consider and respond to the Assistant Secretary of the University's request for advice regarding wearing of honor cords with academic regalia at commencement ceremonies.  In particular, consider which graduates/groups should be able to wear honor cords at commencement (e.g., only student activities/organizations with an academic focus, or whether other student organizations should be permitted to have graduates who participated in their activities wear a cord designating them as a member of that group at commencement); and who at Rutgers should decide which student organizations can have honor cords.  Report to Senate Executive Committee by November 26, 2003.

Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee Response to Charge S-0322, Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics: Original Charge:  Consider the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics' (COIA) request for endorsement of its Framework for Comprehensive Athletics Reform, and prepare a response which could be brought before the University Senate for formal endorsement.  Report to Senate Executive Committee by October 28, 2003.

Student Affairs Committee Response to Charge S-0323, Input on Referendum Guidelines Review: Original Charge:  Provide input on University Structure and Governance Committee's (USGC) charge S-0107, Referendum Guidelines Review.  Consult and coordinate with USGC co-chairs on type and scope of input needed to revise the guidelines for referenda (currently used by Targum and NJPIRG Student Chapters). Respond to Senate Executive Committee by November 27, 2003.

Equal Opportunity Committee Response to Charge S-0327, FAIR v. Rumsfeld (expanded by the EOC to include recommendations “to implement fully Rutgers University policy on Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action)Original Charge:  Consider and report on whether Rutgers should be encouraged to join Fair v. Rumsfeld as a party plaintiff.  Report to Senate Executive Committee by November 28, 2003.  PLEASE NOTE:  The Senate Executive Committee is asked to decide if the first “Therefore” (“…urges the President and all officers of the University to agree to the provisions of the AAUP contract to provide domestic partnership benefits to same sex partners…”) conflicts with the Senate’s policy concerning collective bargaining, which states, in part, “Under current law and interpretation, collective bargaining must take place on terms and conditions of employment. Thus, when a matter concerns only terms and conditions, collective bargaining should take place, and the Senate should refrain from offering advice, even though it has the authority to do so. When a matter concerns only personnel policy, the Senate should advise.”

Replacement for Student Affairs Committee Co-chair:  SAC Co-chair Kristyn Byrnes resigned her co-chairship on November 20, 2003.  Marilyn Novell, student Senator representing the School of Pharmacy, has volunteered to co-chair next semester.

Potential Charge to Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee on Grading Policies:   Explore the need to create a grade to be assigned to students who register for courses but do not attend any classes, and who neglect to withdraw.  []

Potential Charge to University Structure and Governance Committee, submitted by Senator Adam Cooper:  “Investigate why there is no student voting representative on the Board of Governors in the spirit of N.J.S.A.18A:64-3.1, which states that the Board of Trustees of every state college must provide for the election of two student representatives who serve two year terms and are voting members in their second year, considering that at Rutgers the Board of Governors is currently equivalent to the Board of Trustees at most New Jersey colleges.  Report back as to why this is not the case and make appropriate recommendations as to if and how this issue should be pursued.”

6. January 23, 2004 Senate Meeting Agenda

7. Old Business

Potential Charge to Student Affairs Committee on Handbook for Student Organizations, Rutgers-Newark, provision that undergraduate students may not hold office in graduate student organizations, and vice versa.  Lev Zilbermints, Rutgers-Newark student, and president of the Graduate Political Science Association in Newark, requested via e-mail that the Senate take up the issue of whether it is appropriate to restrict graduate and undergraduate students from holding office or membership in each other’s student organizations.  Vice President for Student Affairs Emmet Dennis recently declined a Senate Executive Committee request to take up this issue in the task force he chairs which was charged by President McCormick with standardizing student organization policies and guidelines.

Discussion of Recent Reports and Developments on the Proposal to Restructure Higher Education in New Jersey

8. New Business

9. Adjournment