Subject:    Re: University Senate Request
Date:   Tue, 11 Nov 2003 18:39:14 -0500
From:  Emmet Dennis <>
To:   Ken Swalagin <>


Sorry, I have been away and so just getting to this.  My task force is looking at a specific issue to make a fast recommendation - registration of student organizations, not the composition, funding of student organizations, and reservation of Rutgers facilities by these organizations.  This came out of the Palestinian/Israeli conferences and rallies.  The President wants a fast synchronization of procedures.  I think the Senate Student Affairs Commmitte should deliberate on this among their charges.

My personal feeling is that where it comes to Governing Student Associations, the two should remain separate.  Non-Student Governing Associations - memberships are specified by by-laws.

All the best


Ken Swalagin wrote:

Dr. Dennis,
Victoria [Ukachukwu] suggested I e-mail you regarding a discussion she and I had the other day.  The Senate has received a formal request to look into a Newark student's objection to a provision of the Handbook for Student Organizations prohibiting undergrads from holding office in grad student organizations, and vice versa.  While this one specific seems too narrow for Senate action, a charge could be issued to the Senate Student Affairs Committee on this or related issues anyway.  Victoria told me that you are chairing a task force charged with standardizing policies and guidelines for student organizations in New Brunswick.  I write to ask:

Could the task force's work be expanded to include standardizing policies and guidelines university-wide (restructuring notwithstanding)?

Would you accept several student members on the task force? Specifically, could the Senate solicit student-Senator volunteers for the task force from New Brunswick, Camden and Newark?  If so, may I also suggest to the (non-Senator) Newark student who sent us this recent issue that he may be asked to join or provide input to the task force?

Thanks very much.

Ken Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate